Jonathan Feldstein
Jonathan Feldstein
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Help Find My Friends’ Son

Avidan Gantshar (courtesy)
Avidan Gantshar (courtesy)

The other day I was chatting with my friend about my “mundane” work of building bridges between Jews and Christians and how I’ve been offered the opportunity to host a podcast on a major Christian media network.

When I saw his message today, I thought he was continuing the conversation.

Sadly, no such luck. His message was far from mundane at all. In fact, it shocked and terrified me.

He asked my help in locating his 24-year-old Avidan Gantshar, who has been missing since Saturday. Avidan was last seen around King George Street in Jerusalem between 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Avidan stands out, at 5 feet, 9 inches tall, with hazel eyes and short, brown hair. He often wears a hoodie. He is believed to still be in the Jerusalem area and may be in some danger. So his parents, my friends, are turning to everyone they know to help find their son. Who wouldn’t in their case? And which of us could pass up the opportunity to pass this along, everywhere, even if it means everyone in Jerusalem sees it dozens of times.  I cannot imagine being in their shoes now, and pray that nobody reading this ever will be.

Any clue, any lead is critical. Please help. Share this widely and pray that Avidan comes home safely, and soon. This is far from mundane, it’s urgent, and may be life saving.

Anyone that may have seen him or with information is asked to call 053.530.4398 or contact the police.

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Jonathan Feldstein made aliyah in 2004, married and raising six children in the Judean mountains. He is a long time Jewish non-profit professional. As president of the Genesis 123 Foundation he works closely with many Christians who support Israel, building bridges in ways that are new, unique and meaningful.