Helplessly waiting

For the past week I have been watching helplessly from my computer screen in NY all of the countless terror attacks that have continuously rained destruction on innocent Israeli citizens.

Helplessly hearing about the deaths of Naama and Eitam Henkin z”l, who were murdered in cold blood in front of their children.

Helplessly hearing about multiple stabbings of innocent bystanders and policemen/ policewomen, yeshiva students and soldiers, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.

Helplessly hearing about Arab terrorists throwing immense rocks at oncoming innocent traffic, shattering windows that glisten bloody in the moonlight.

Helplessly hearing about cars ramming into pedestrians.

Helplessly hearing about an avoided attack at HaTahanah HaMerkazit Shel Yerushalayim, (the Jerusalem Central Bus Station) a place where we all know an enormous amount of individuals go through every day.

Helplessly hearing about metal detectors being put in the holy Old City of Jerusalem, a place that should be the epitome of coexistence among all religions.

Helplessly hearing about the death of Aaron Benita z”l who just wanted to pray at the Kotel.

Helplessly hearing about the death of Rabbi Nechemia Lavi z”l for heroically just trying to save the life of Aaron Benita.

Helplessly hearing about attacks that happen in the pitch black of night and in the bright light of day.

Helplessly hearing about pipe bombs and long sharp knives and screwdrivers and rocks and stones…

And I wait.

I wait for G-d to stop the madness that is the world we live in.
I wait for the ultimate coexistence of mankind.
I wait for recognition of all nations of these vengeful attacks.
I wait for the light through the darkness.

I wait, because I know its close.

About the Author
Sara Scheidlinger lived in the Old City, and still can't believe she finished studying at Midreshet Harova. She physically resides in Woodmere, NY, but spiritually resides in Israel. She is currently attending Queens College Freshman Honors.
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