Here kitty kitty…

Have you seen the cats here in Israel?

The cats are like all over the place. From my understanding they are here to keep the mice and the snakes away (I am so down for that) but there are so many of them. It’s like a cat club. They are everywhere. The cats are reproducing by the second. They have no shame and I can hear them from my window every damn night having cat sex. What the hell?

Cats keeping me up all night is just not right. Zeh hatolim (the cats) are getting way more sex than me and I hate to admit it but I am so damn jealous. I began to write this post just because  I wanted to shame the cats and their porn and then I thought of a cat that I fell in love with not very long ago.

I have to express to you how much of a Hello Kitty fan that I am. I look at my life and say to myself, I’m still the little knock-kneed roller skating, goofy girl that I was from Southern California that begged her mom everyday to take her to Pasadena Plaza (a mall in old town) and buy her everything from pencils to candy to a notebook from this brand. When I told my mom I was making aliyah to Israel, she was nervous for me and scared mostly because she knows how important it is that I stay in touch with a good  team of doctors  for at least 5 years post cancer diagnosis (I’m coming up on 3 years , BARUCH HASHEM). She trusted my decision  (she had no choice), but there was no way she was sending me off without something that she knew was really imortant and sentimental. Yup, she put me on the plane, (her last baby of 9 children and if you ask me, the best child ever) with a blanket. Not just any blanket, a hello kitty one that is super soft and pink. And  there is the earth moving moment when a regular blanket turns into a “blankie”  hand sewn from your mom and it means absolutely everything.

Thank you, Mom, for thinking of me. I sleep under this thing every night. It’s comforting and I feel safe. I feel protected. I feel like you are here saying all of the things that I never wanted you to say but I now appreciate. Mission accomplished mom, now I need you to come to Israel and talk to the above  mentioned  cats near my building so that I can get some sleep and fully enjoy my blankie.


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