Here’s what the media blackout won’t tell you about the Duma arson affair

The backdrop

For many Zionists, the notion of the Israeli government torturing minors to get them to confess to a crime they didn’t commit is unfathomable. It’s understandable why people would assume that a country still reeling from the atrocities of the Holocaust could never do such a thing. That’s why when the torture of the Duma arson suspects leaked its way into the press, many wrote it off as a conspiracy theory.

Graffiti at the scene of the crime

A bit of history

For others, the Shabak torture chambers came as no suprise. To understand why, one need go back only fifty years ago following the establishment of the state of Israel. Between 1948-1954, Yemenite Jewish immigrants in Israel had their new-born babies systematically ripped away from their mothers, never to be seen again. By the way, these kidnappings weren’t executed by lone child molesters. Believe it or not, they were performed by medical staff, doctors and nurses alike, who worked in the very hospitals in Israel where these very women gave birth. This deeply disturbing campaign was conducted by Israel’s ministry of health. There are even testimonies of women who were told that their baby had died while they heard him crying in the next room…disgusted yet?

The whereabouts of these babies remains a mystery until this day. And although the government has finally taken steps to uncover the truth regarding the ‘Yemenite children’ (Yaldei Teiman) affair, it appears as though no one will be held accountable for their abductions. You’d think that a nation still reeling from the atrocities of the Holocaust would at the very least refrain from sanctioning the kidnapping of babies for what appear to be medical experiments. You’d think it would be a bit ‘too soon’ for the newly founded Jewish state to rip a page out of Mengele’s playbook. Think again. Israel’s deep state wanted these babies for whatever reason and managed to convince entire hospital personnel, who are supposed to be among the most ethical members of society, to play along with a Nazi-esque campaign against Jewish babies.

Fast forward to Duma

This brings us to today. In late July 2015, a house was firebombed in the Arab village of Duma, which resulted in the loss of life of three victims including an 18-month-old and his two parents. The murderers were smart. They knew that as long as they spray painted hebrew text at the site, no matter how convoluted and illogical the text itself may be, they would avoid suspicion by Israel. They succeeded hook line and sinker. The Israeli media, in typical fashion, ate the narrative and even pushed it. The pressure to produce settler suspects was in the air and Defense minister Moshe Yaalon felt it. At this point, the Army needed to hand over Jewish suspects to satiate the media’s conspiracy theories. That’s why on January 3, 2016, an Israeli named, Amiram Ben-Uliel and an unnamed Jewish minor, was indicted for the murder.

The only evidence against them was hebrew graffiti that was sprayed at the scene of the crime. But that didn’t matter since settler suspects were declared giving the Israeli media its pound of flesh.

Forcing a confession out of kids

Following their arrest, the suspects were tortured into confessing to the crime. It should be noted that torture is illegal under Israeli (and international) law. But you’re probably wondering how we know they were tortured? Just consider the following. the Shabak, who tortured them, were accused of torture, they initially denied it. Then, they backtracked claiming that they used ‘special means’ to extract a confession. The judge who tried the case even acknowledged that they were tortured. The only reason the case wasn’t thrown out was because they also apparently admitted to the act over thirty-six hours following the initial torture (that’s what the ruling actually stated).

But the reason they may have admitted to a crime they didn’t commit might have been because they were denied all basic rights offered to all other suspects – including terrorists. This includes the right to see an attorney and for the first time in Israel’s history, they were denied the right to see a judge at their own hearing. The only evidence the Shabak had against them was “secret evidence” which left the judge himself in the dark compelling him to extend the suspects’ remand. The suspect was denied the right to see an attorney for a total of twenty-one weeks.

It’s important to note that at this point we need to take into account the fact that a 21-year-old man and a minor with no criminal record who are described by friends and family as ‘good kids’ found themselves stuck in a Shabak torture chamber for a total of twenty-one days. There they were not only tortured, but suffered mental duress at the hands of their interrogators including sleep deprivation and threats to family members. They were not only intimidated, but we’re also promised rewards for playing along. When you put it all together, any of us would have admitted to assassinating JFK, just to end it all just to see daylight again.

What the media can’t tell you

And now the Israeli court has accepted the suspect’s confession, despite acknowledging that torture was involved in the interrogation. The judge’s reasoning is because a forced confession is only non admissible if it’s under thirty-six hours following the torture. And this forced confession is enough evidence to lock them up for life. But the following contain items that the Israeli media is not allowed to report on as well as a list of plausible reasons why the chances of Jewish suspects having carried out this act are highly unlikely if not impossible.

  • No attempt was made by the Shabak to match the suspect’s handwriting to the graffiti at the site.
  • The actual text at the site of the arson read ‘Long live the king messiah’, is a Chabad phrase. Neither of the two suspects are known Chabadniks.
  • Even if they were affiliated with the Chabad movement, writing that at the scene of a crime is rather bizarre since Chabad is a non-violent movement
  • Although written in hebrew, the actual handwriting of the grafiti resembles Arabic calligraphy. Many in the Dawabshe klan are calligraphers.
  • Witnesses in Duma initially reported that they saw two suspects the night of the arson but the Shabak claims that Ben-Uliel acted alone
  • Duma is a hotspot for inter-Arab klan warfare. Highlighting this point, there have been nine arson attacks in Duma since the incident in 2015.
  • An arab from Duma who works for an Israeli reportedly told her that all the people in Duma know it was an Arab from a rival klan who committed the arson
  • No attempt at forensic testing was performed at the site by the police or any of the security forces

Besides, if it’s such an open and shut case, why did the Shabak refuse to allow the suspects to meet an attorney? Why was did they place a gag order on the case disallowing any media outlets from covering the affair? Why was the evidence against these two suspects so secret that the judge himself wasn’t allowed to even see it? What do the shabak have to hide?…WHY IS NO ONE DISTURBED BY THIS TO THE CORE?!…probably for the same reason no one was disturbed back in the fifties when the same Israeli government kidnapped newborn babies. That’s because Zionist Jews will (understandably) err on the side of giving the Israeli government the benefit of the doubt. For liberal Jews, injustice in Israel only matters if Arabs are the victims.

The bottom line

The sad truth is that the same deep state within the Israeli government that gave the green light to kidnap Yemenite babies is the same deep state that tortures children on trumped up charges and ensures media blackouts to avoid exposing the crimes. How can we keep telling the world that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East when these types of scandals aren’t even allowed to be covered by the press? Does anyone care? Or will we just continue to ignore another injustice against our fellow Jews because the Israeli government is always right?

About the Author
David Sidman is a candidate in the Zehut political party, Israel activist and contributor to He is also a professional dog trainer. You can follow him at @theIsraeliShow