Hi! I’m Lucas, nice to meet you all!

This is my first post here at Times of Israel and I wanted to take the chance to present myself and the objetive(s) of my blog here.

First of all, who I am… I’m from Argentina, 32 years old, love animals, books and I life my coffee black. I currently live in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, around 45km away from the city or around 2 to 3 hours away in public transport. I had the amazing opportunity to finish college (I have a degree in Political Science and a specialization in International Relations) at UBA and now doing a Master in Public Policy and Development. I’m currently working to sustain my studies and travels before dedicating myself fully to my vocation.

Now about my objetive(s) here, I want to share information critically, that is, to give you a perspective on diverse subjects that converge into why it’s important to speak up against actions that enlarge strangeness between people and that affect negatively in our daily life. I know it sounds a bit silly, but keeping a bit of innocence allows us all to keep faith even in the darkest hours and give us enough strength to keep going despite the odds.

Feel free to contact me at any time and leave your comments below, Shabbat Shalom!!!


About the Author
Lucas Aguilar had the opportunity to go to college and start to travel (a bit) around the world.
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