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Hi there, my name is Mitchell Akawie, I am an eleventh grader at Mosenson youth village in HodHasharon Israel, and you should read my blog.

“Why should I read this blog?” You may ask yourself. “What sort of valuable discourse on Israeli life can an American eleventh grader provide?” You may continue. “Who is this kid to discuss the involvement of the Mossad in Princess Diana’s death‽” You may posit. Well have I got answers for you!

I am having no ordinary high school experience. When I was in eighth grade while doing some light googling during study hall, I stumbled across the website for an Israeli program called NAALE. NAALE allows Jewish students from around the world to study in Israel in a free boarding program. NAALE operates in many boarding schools around the country, the one I attend is called Mosenson. Mosenson is a youth village in Hod Hasharon, a city about twenty minutes outside of Tel Aviv, right in the center of Israel. Joining NAALE and studying in a boarding program gives me a unique perspective on a whole host of issues. Issues such as student rights, Oleh rights, The Conflict, Diaspora issues, and issues effecting American expats.

I hope that this blog allows me to share my observations and perspectives on this amazing country with you. I hope that you share this with your friends and family and that when you read this blog it makes your day a little bit better.



About the Author
Born and raised in the Fairfax suburbs of Washington D.C. Mitchell Akawie at fourteen decided to move to Israel without his parents as a member of the NAALE program. He writes about the Israeli youth experience, Oleh Rights, The Conflict, and Israeli art and culture . His interests include playing piano, guitar, and bass, along with destroying the eardrums around him on saxophone. He also enjoys writing and baking in his spare time. He currently lives at Mosenson Youth Village in HodHasharon. He is also an alumnus of Gesher Jewish Day School in Fairfax VA.
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