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High-Tech Sector Launches Military-Style Coup

The situation here in Israel has escalated so much that it’s time to be genuinely concerned about our economy. Because if we keep up this pace, everyone will pay the price – every single citizen in the country.

The latest promotion for the next anti-government rally in Tel Aviv looks a lot like a military coup – just without the military. They even put a triangle in their banner, exactly the kind that reserve soldiers get when they’re called up to fight during an emergency. It’s called a ‘Tzav 8’ – in the latest banner published by @kumiiisrael they’re calling it a ‘Citizen Tzav 8’. The big Hebrew slogan in white and red says In Rain and In Cold – the Revolution Won’t Pass (as in, won’t stop).

I’ve been living here since the age of 12, and have never been afraid. No matter what was going on, I knew we were protected. But I’ve never seen this level of hatred inside the country before – and it keeps escalating. And it’s the absolute worst thing in the world for our security.

Apparently, the high-tech sector has now woken up and will do “whatever it takes.” There are dozens of ‘volunteer activists’ getting more organized every day – so far they’ve raised millions of shekels for “the struggle”, which is the only goal on the agenda so far >> “We are sorry the high-tech industry has only just woken up, but we have arrived, and we will do whatever it takes” Calcalist

Women Abusing Their Newfound Power

“The activity – and this is not obvious in high-tech – is led by women. Alongside Naim and Tsur at the headquarters is Yodefat Harel Buchris, director of the Blumberg VC in Israel; Rona Segev, Managing Partner at TLV partners; Anat Naschitz, co-founder of OrbiMed, and Eynat Guez, co-founder and CEO of Papaya, who also spoke at the demonstration last weekend. The high-tech industry is going into battle, and women are its leading soldiers. “Women are leading because, in the current government, women are underrepresented, and this provokes a backlash,” says Tsur. Calcalist

Real Danger for The Economy

The latest is about Verbit CEO Tom Livne announcing that he’s “leaving the country and ceasing to pay taxes in protest over the new hardline government’s planned judicial overhaul.” Times of Israel

Verbit Founder says will leave Israel due to Judicial reform YNET >> “I’ve paid tens of millions of dollars, and the company has paid hundreds of millions in taxes,” Livne said. “My way is to simply leave and no longer be a resident of Israel.”

It’s incredible to see how even our brightest and most successful people here can’t see past their own nose. How they can’t see how privileged they are. And soon they’ll see how the best conditions for their ongoing success were right here in Israel. But since they can’t get their way since the election, they’re taking matters into their own hands.

I know that right now this will fall on deaf ears here in the high-tech sector where many of our extremely successful founders think they’re untouchable. But I feel compelled to explain these things over and over again for whoever is listening.

If we really believe that we still have time for all these childish games of who’s right and who’s wrong – if that’s the only thing we can think of doing with all this incredible human talent, our economy is in serious danger.

Now is a time when we can still take initiative and make plans for the future. At some point a few years from now, that will no longer be possible. We will experience such serious blows –there will be nowhere to hide, and no way to escape them.

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