High wire dismount

Read more: Settlement construction more than doubled in 2013 | The Times of Israel

More construction of settlements, an increase (123%) in building programs during 2013 and, for 2014, who knows?

This does not bode well for current peace negotiations being shepherded by the US Secretary of State nor will these figures sit pretty with the international community and their considerable reservations about such practices. Israel seems to be walking a tightrope very much of the ‘high wire’ variety and the buffeting it’s now receiving is causing such instability that not even its famed American-made safety net may be enough to stave off a painful fall.

So what to do?


This provides for a common dismount facility, something that will dispense with the need for so much of this tightrope walking we’ve all seen and many have experienced over the past 66 years and more.

With no one having any safety net to fall back upon and all decisions immune from rebuttal, complaint and remonstration, a much more stable platform emerges, one most intolerant of wild political gyrations, blatant demonstrations of martial intimidation and whatever other ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ might attempt to undermine a process so unassailable in its form and design.

In certain situations, it becomes necessary that the entire world shows it means business.

Because, if it doesn’t, then the world has failed in its proper function, that of prevailing against those who would prefer indecision to intervention, indifference to compassion.

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