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Highbrow ‘cli-fi’

As 2017 progresses toward the second half of the year, a new cli-fi movie by Hollywood director Wim Wenders (a native of Germany) is set to debut in September at a famous film festival in Spain. The movie is titled “Submergence” and it’s based on a novel of the same name by Irish author J.M. Ledgard. Starring the big Scandinavian star of the moment Alicia Vikander.

The cli-fi novel was first published in the UK in 2011 and later in the USA in 2013, and it was positively reviewed in” New York” magazine by literary critic Kathryn Schulz. She called the novel “highbrow cli-fi” and said it was the best book she had read in 2013, the year she reviewed the novel.

“With its passages on ocean overfishing, ocean acidification, and climate change, ‘Submergence’ is partly highbrow cli-fi, an emerging genre of ecological dystopia,” she wrote.

Wenders will open the 65th annual San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain with a screening of ”Submergence.” Wenders and Vikander will travel to Spain to present the film on September 22.

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