Highlights from Bibi’s speech

I am not able to reveal everything that Bibi will say today, both because I have not seen his speech and because I don’t feel capable of discussing the Iran issue in any detail. But here are a few highlights from what I expect he will say:

Ladies and Gentlemen, members of Congress, People of America.

I want to thank Repr. Boehner and Ambassador Dermer for organizing this address. I want to thank Jstreet for advertizing it so successfully!

I come to you today as a representative of the Jewish state, a representative of the Jewish people.

Israeli leaders have visited Washington under Democratic Presidents and Republican Presidents, Democratic congresses and Republican congresses. Israel will accept this kind of invitation from all parts of the American political system.

We do not play favorites in American politics!

The bond between Israel and the American people is not  a matter of one party or another party, it is a bond between peoples, based on shared values and shared history. It will never be broken!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Israel has never, never, asked for a single American soldier to defend our country from its enemies.

Israel never will ask for a single American soldier to risk his or her life for our country!

Israel defends itself!

Israel stood alone in 1948, in 1967, in 1973.

Israel stood alone in 1981 when Prime Minister Menahem Begin ordered a strike on the Osira nuclear reactor in Iraq. And we will always take the responsibility for the defense of our own country. No matter what the threat, no matter what the challenge.

I have the greatest respect for President Barak Obama. I have met with him frequently over the past six years for honest and full exchanges of views. We have not always agreed on everything, but I know that he has the good of his country, the good of Israel and the good of the world before his eyes. It is an awesome responsibility, and he has shown leadership in facing it.

During Obama’s term in office, relations with Israel have grown stronger than ever. Military ties, economic cooperation, political cooperation. The bond between Israel and the American people will never be broken!

I especially admire the President’s efforts to bring peace to our troubled region, between Israel and the Palestinians. True peace. Peace based on security, on mutual recognition, on economic and cultural cooperation, on freedom and mutual respect. This the greatest dream of every Israeli citizen and we thank President Obama and Secretary Kerry for the tireless efforts they have made, efforts that one day, we hope, will bear fruit.

But sometimes friends disagree.

What does a friend do when he sees his friend making a mistake, a serious mistake? Does he keep quiet? Does he look the other way? No, that’s not what friends do. A friend, a true friend, offers advice. He tries to persuade.

I have come here today to offer that advice. President Obama, do not allow a nuclear Iran!

President Obama, now is not the time for an arms race in the middle east!

Ladies and Gentlemen, two hours ago our planes returned from a surgical opereation against the Iranian nuclear program. In cooperation with moderate Arab states in the reegion, we have taken steps, necessary steps, to contain and roll back the advances that Iran has made towards obtaining a nuclear weapon.

But this strike will not put an end to the Iranian threat. We need your co-operation. Together, as members of team, fighting for freedom and security, for peace and human dignity, together we will prevail!

Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen!

About the Author
The author is a professor in the department of Classical Studies at Bar Ilan University. He is the President of the International Society for Socratic Studies, and the Founder of the Classical Forum for Contemporary Issues. The father of eight beautiful children, he lives in Efrat with their beautiful mother.