Dana Janine Diamond

Hillary is Israel

I disagree 100% with the assessment that Hillary Clinton is a criminal. I believe she’s been under a microscope more than any other candidate, precisely because she’s a woman who aspires to power. I’ve studied the whole of her career closely, and I think she’s a remarkable candidate, devoted to issues I care deeply about.

I remember well the level of vitriol she received when she was First Lady, because she was not traditional and obsequious. And now, just this year, Kenneth Starr, outraged moralist, former Special Prosecutor, was forced to step down as Chancellor, President of Baylor University, because he failed to allow the Title 9 officer to do her job…specically, he oversaw the victimization of many female students who had been raped by his champion athletes. He covered up the crimes, emotionally tormented these young girls, permitted destruction of evidence in their rape cases. This has now been proven, admitted. He was also perceived as perpetrating discrimination against minorities. And this was the guy, this was the moral arbiter in charge of prosecuting Hillary Clinton over false case after false case.

And now, Comey, violating FBI policy in order to align himself with Republicans in Congress, once again, trying to undermine Hillary Clinton, over nothing. My issue with her is not emails, nor do I believe she’s corrupt. I am probably one of the Democrats Republican men are bothered about. I believe most of America sees Hillary as flawed because of the persistent, relentless misogynistic narrative in the press, and amongst Republicans – really, many politicians, Democrats and Liberals included, too. I think that if Trump were a female candidate he would have been blown away ages ago.

I return the strong gaze at where these accusations are coming from. Just two years ago every single Republican in Congress voted against equal pay for women. Without exception.

I think the worst blowback on Hillary is from her husband’s misdeeds, much as we are now seeing with Weiner. Monica Lewinsky has grown up to become an elegant woman, a fierce advocate to protect kids from cyber bullying. What happened to her breaks my heart. She made a colossal mistake at 22 and nearly paid with her life, because of vicious bullying – bullying specifically perpetrated against this young Jewish woman by the press, by Republicans, by a nation fixated on blaming her. You should watch Monica’s TED Talk. While she has remained mainly silent during this election, she has stated that she is thrilled women are running for office.

And those same Republicans and media seek to blame Hillary for everything under the sun. Literally everything.

I’ll tell you that the women I know, the feminists I know, they believe in Hillary 100% and see this narrative against Hillary completely differently than Republicans and many Democrats describe. It’s like the way most of the world sees Israel – as the aggressor, as the Occupier, as committing war crimes, etc.

Yet we have a different narrative about Israel, we don’t buy into that. Yes, there are flaws. Tremendous flaws. Palestinians need a much better deal – most Israelis agree. The right has co-opted the government and women need and deserve total, absolute equality. But we are also capable of seeing Israel as a peace-loving, joy-loving, virtuous country.

How the average Jew views Israel is how feminists view Hillary Clinton – and what happens in the media against her. When Jews, especially Jewish men, come to understand feminism the way we have a visceral reaction to anti-Semitism, the world will have more balance, and America and Israel will both become better countries.

P.S. If we keep writing about it, will Times of Israel finally create a Tag for Feminism?

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Dana is a Jewish feminist, writer and poet. She is passionate about kindness, spirituality, the artist's voice, and speaking out for the vulnerable. She lives in New York.
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