His Bibi

Why is Bibi Netanyahu making Obama unhappy? It’s his job to make Obama happy. You know it’s rough being president of the United States. Golfing all day, flying around in Air Force One. Getting ready for a fundraiser while Americans are dying. It’s not easy.

But this is why American presidents have a Bibi Netanyahu. To make life more tolerable, pleasant and bearable for them. When life is particularly hard they call their Bibi and say: “Make me look presidential. Make people think I don’t have floppy ears.” And then their Bibi does something nice for them like bake a cake, rub their feet or compliment them on their astonishing ears with his baritone voice . “They’re not floppy Mr. President , they’re not floppy at all”.

“Thank you Bibi, you’re my Bibi. Now here’s three billion and make those Jews vote for me and my ears. My non-floppy ears”. And it was good for the Jews and the world was a happy place. And there was no global warming, and Steven Spielberg still made great movies, and there was stuff on TV you really wanted to watch.

So why did this Bibi Netanyahu ruin everything? Why?

About the Author
Born in Switzerland in 1973. Raised in Holland. My parents were Holocaust survivors.