Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks

History is not a Dress Rehearsal

“You cannot step twice into the same river; for other waters are continually flowing in” – Heraclitus

Time and again, we hear the rising call to establish another Arab state, one that is called “Palestine.”
I, personally, have no issue with the name they chose for it. If one wishes to name oneself after ancient invaders, which is what the name “Palestine” is derived from, in order to establish legitimacy, then so be it.

I do, however, have a problem with anyone, whoever they may be, who tries to hijack history, replay it, re-write it, or in the spirit of Seinfeld “do-over.”. And this is precisely what those who call themselves “Palestinians” wish to do.

Let me briefly recap history for the sake of those who have been swept up by the wave of sympathy for the eternal cry babies of this world, the only group that has been granted “eternal refugees’ status,” the “Palestinians,” or rather its leadership.

On November 29th, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted on Resolution 181. Section 3 of it reads:
“Independent Arab and Jewish States and the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem, set forth in Part III of this pan, shall come into existence in Palestine two months after the evacuation of the armed forces of the mandatory Power has been completed but in any case not later than 1 October 1948. The boundaries of the Arab State, the Jewish State, and the City of Jerusalem shall be as described in Parts II and III below.”

The Jews accepted this Resolution immediately and declared the naissance of the Jewish state following the evacuation of the British mandatory power, on May 14th, 1948.

It is important to note here that the Jewish essence of the new state of Israel, as stated in the language of Resolution 181, was decreed by the non Jewish world, not by the Jews. It was defined long before this Resolution was passed.

The first mention of forming a Jewish state in the land/area called Eretz Yisrael (AKA “Palestine”) can be found in the Balfour declaration of November 2nd 1917.

“His Majesty’s Government,” it reads, “view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.” [Emphasis added]

Later on, the world further reinforced the Jewish core of what was to become the state of Israel. It happened in San Remo 1920. Part of what was decreed there was:

“Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connexion of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country;”

Article 2 of that Accord states:

“The Mandatory shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home, as laid down in the preamble, and the development of self-governing institutions, and also for safeguarding the civil and religious rights of all inhabitants of Palestine, irrespective of race and religion.” [Emphasis added]

Those are all decisions made and voted for by the same world that gave the “Palestinian” Arabs then what they refused at the time and have the audacity to ask more from it now. Can one replay history? Are they not aware that certain realities of the world have changed and that new waters are continually flowing into a river called the Middle East?

About the Author
Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks is an English teacher and a pro Israel advocate. She lives in Israel and has recently published her first novel, "On A Wing From The Holy Land."