Holding Back the Raging Waters of Terror

Never in human history has there even been such a sub-human hatred and outright evil towards one people group – the Semites, called ‘the Jews’. ­­This world hatred is a result of one thing – the blame disease. A disease that originates in the bowels of insurmountable pride, expressed outwardly as ones refusal to admit ones responsibility to their own reality.

If there is someone else to take the blame, then by all means, lets place it on them. The finger always points away from a person when they refuse to believe that the fault lies within. To turn that finger inward, would take a step down from being ‘king of the mountain’ – and who wants to live a life of being second in command?

The justification of targeting the annihilation of one people group is built upon a foundation of jealousy, surrounded with its walls of protective pride. If the world leaders can gather together, all in one place, the very thing that threatens their ability to remain ‘king of the mountain’, then they can focus on eliminating, once and for all, the one thing that has plagued every world ruler and empire throughout history – fear of losing control of the people.

If the world’s elite can stir up enough hatred and angry throughout the world through media invoked lies, institutional and religious re-education programs, and secret infiltration into every avenue of society, then their plans would be successful in creating enough terror that would drive the Jewish people out from every nook and cranny of the planet, and ‘herd’ them into one big corral for the purpose of genocide.

This ‘plan’ isn’t so hard to believe if one realizes that the European terror never ended with the Shoah, but became a sophisticated tool to manage the modern day ‘herd’.

The hostility toward the modern day Jewish people reminds me of the movie, “The Count of Monte Cristo” – Alexandre Dumas’s accurate analysis of people who cannot be content with the greatest of what has been handed to them, thus compelled to take from others, the little of which does not belong to them.

The people of Israel (not the ones with hidden agendas of power), but the real, everyday people of Israel, the common Jew, have always been content with the ‘whistles’ they have been given.

Why persecute a people who actually do something with the talent they have been given? Why? Because of the ever existent jealousy of the world’s elite who cannot be happy with their ‘ponies’, but are driven to snatch away the ‘insignificant whistles’ from their so called friends, the Jews.

The “Israeli-Arab Conflict” can simply be reduced to the theme of Dumas’s novel – the jealousy towards those who are happy and content with the little they have. Israel, that speck of dust that is swallowed up by the lands that surround her, has taken the “whistle” it has been given and has orchestrated the most beautiful music with it – the music of advancements in technology, science, agriculture and medicine.

Though the world benefits from her contentment, she is continually persecuted because the world cannot do anything with the “ponies” they have been given. The world will not be happy until they have taken away Israel’s whistle, because the world cannot stand anyone who is more happy with their whistle than they are with their pony.

The world has made it very plain – lets exterminate the Jewish race, ridding the planet of the horridness of a blessed people who have done nothing more than share their gifts with them.

There is one problem with that scenario. These “horrid” people of a Land called Israel, act as the dam which holds back the terror of those who are programmed into supporting the world’s elite and their quest for ultimate domination. Remove the dam, and the flow of terrorism that will be unleashed on this planet will be unlike anything the earth’s people have ever witnessed before.

Israel alone has been the example to the world, that unless someone stands up to terror, those who wish to destroy the happiness and contentment of honest working folk, will get the gift they have always wanted – to sit on the throne built upon the bones and ashes of the ones they have crushed.

Anti-Semitism is not the problem of the people of the world, it is a problem with the individual human soul that demands to be first, to be on top, and to rule over all others who pale in the light of their desire to feed their insatiable ego’s. It is a problem that will remain until the individual souls that make up our towns, villages, communities, cities, states, countries and world become greater in joy over the lowly ones simplistic contentment with the whistles they possess, than they are with their own ponies of blessings.

For, until society becomes more concerned for others than themselves, the dam holding back the floods of terrorism will continue to be eaten away until it finally bursts through and washes away the people who just couldn’t be happy for anyone else – drowning those who refused to stand up against unjustified terror acts, and destroying those who helped pick away the dam with their axe’s of silence.

To eliminate the dam will eliminate the world – to build the dam is to build security against those who for pleasure, gruesomely take the lives of innocent people in the name of ‘freedom’.

Question yourself – are you standing with a pick axe or a trowel? For whether you realize it or not, there is no such thing as being empty handed in the war on terror. It’s time to join with those who have been given the whistle – it’s time to join Israel in blowing the ‘whistle’ on terror. It is time to stop believing that peace will come from total withdrawal and start realizing if total withdrawal happens, the waters of terror will openly flood, returning the now fruitful Land back into the desolate swamp lands of the 1800’s.

It’s time to lose the resentment of those who have been given little, yet have done much with what they have. It’s time to examine our own ponies of hate driven apathy and just be happy for those who are happy with their whistles – the ones who blow the music of peace.

About the Author
Derek Townsend was born in Long Beach, California and has had a passion all his life for travel, research, history, archaeology, justice and truth. He works as a book publisher, videographer, writer, graphics artist and web designer. Derek is married and currently resides in Costa Rica.