Maddie Schumann
Maddie Schumann

Holocaust denial and pro-Palestine discourse

Recent events around the Israel/Palestine conflict erupted with ‘’experts’’ who often deny the Holocaust and yet ironically use this discourse to revise the history of Palestine as a Muslim country. The Jewish history is 3000 years old, outliving empires including Babylonian, Roman, Ottoman and others which have turned into dust. Many people refuse to accept that Emperor Hadrian wanted to erase the Jews and for this reason alone he renamed the Roman Province of Judea to Palestina. The word Jew comes from Judea – these facts must not be omitted from the academic and legal argument relating to making a case for the Jewish ancestral home based in Judea and around.

Furthermore, Holocaust inversion is frequently employed in political criticism of Israel by both ends of the political spectrum; more concerning are those who identify themselves as ‘’progressives’’ or ‘’democrats’’ who clearly lack basic knowledge of the history but have power of influence over gullible people who read the headlines and fail to look for and understand the details. This is purely driven by hatred. Unfortunately, this inversion not only legitimises anti-Israel activities (like BDS) but gives a green light to racism coming from the left and right to demonise the Jewish people across the globe and again re-booting anti-Semitism on an international scale.  By failing to secure the true history of the Holocaust we further expose Jewish people as a whole and the State of Israel to legitimised attacks and spreading of historical lies.

Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels said: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. Nowadays, social media platforms make it easy for anyone to spread falsehoods and take historical revisionism beyond its merits. There are no strong laws, and no countries can fully control implications arising from social media platforms.

If this was not enough, the political debate on this issue is additionally implicated by teachers – in 2019 a TES poll showed that 49% of UK teachers voted Labour.  The remaining 51% did not vote Tory. A teacher, Calvin Robinson observed: “young people are being trained into a lefty way of thinking” and taught to see the Conservative party as “evil”. Furthermore, events at the 2018 Labour party conference proved him right. *

When talking about the history of Palestine in British schools, some easily influenced students are becoming an easy target for evil promoters of historical revisionism. Furthermore, Jewish students that became so interwoven and brainwashed by the lies eventually became part of the propaganda machine, became useful idiots in anti-Semitism denial, giving a green light to use revisionism to support Palestinian ‘’legitimate’’ claims to the Land of Israel.

Holocaust denial started in Germany and shifted into the Arab world gradually by those who were racists. Today we see the results of this.  This trend is fastest growing and spreading in places such as Egypt, Syria, Iran and the Palestinian Territories.

‘’The July 1990 issue of the PLO-affiliated Palestinian Red Crescent’s magazine, Balsam, published an article that claimed that Jews created the lie of the gas chambers in order to gain support for Israel and that the Nuremberg trials were set up fraudulently by the Jews in order to establish the Holocaust as historical fact’’ ** Ironically Israel’s detractors claim that Israelis are acting like Nazis.

The Palestinian Authority endorses Holocaust denial, and the West is quiet about it.  Interestingly, Holocaust denial rarely appears in the media of countries, such as Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar that have Western interests, but it is popular in Pakistan, Tunisia, Egypt and Malaysia.

In the next part, how Pro-Palestine supporters are brainwashing weak minds.





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Maddie is a Sociologist with a law degree, and a legal translation professional speaking many languages with an interest in international law and politics.