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Holocaust Education Is A Must— Here Is Cindy’s Corners Sources For New Info

Teaching The Holocaust

Holocaust Education in our schools is atrocious! It’s no surprise that around the world, people have no idea what happened less than a century ago.

As the world commemorates the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau in January 27th, I implore educators around the world to plan assignments for classes of all ages and backgrounds. So many educators are not given the tools to teach facts about one of the worst times in history. Some teachers have told me that they equate readings from The Diary Of Anne Frank to the entire lessons of World War II. That is well meaning, but it is not a complete and accurate study.

A Lesson Plan from

If you are lucky enough, share the day with a survivor, especially since the days of survivors able to tell their firsthand experiences are numbered.

If not, take advantage of the many outlets available, especially through electronic media to study, educate and engage in FACTUAL complete and meaningful Holocaust education.

Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation

All Photos— JPEF

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your students to one of my favorite organizations, The Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation. It familiarizes students to the tens of thousands of Jewish partisans who fought against the Nazis and their collaborators.

The foundation offers lessons appropriate for your classrooms.

Lesson Plans & Activities: Interactive, thought-provoking lessons and experiential programs – include step-by-step procedures, teacher guides, and illustrations.

Study Guides & Biographies: Profiles and articles with critical thinking questions stimulate discussion on a variety of topics from living and surviving to women in the partisans.

Young Leadership Associates of Yad Vashem

I am also encouraging everyone to reach out to this branch of the Yad Vashem organization because the young, our future, refuse to forget or trivialize the Holocaust. These activities are varied, and they have on hand speakers and lesson plans for every type of classroom setting.

If I were to fail, to turn away and thus permit the death of this person whom I could perhaps save, only because I was in danger myself, I would be committing the same error as the entire German people…The people who ordered and implemented these horrible deeds were not so many. But infinitely many others let it happen, because they lacked the courage to prevent them.

From the testimony of Dr. Ella Lingens, a Righteous Among the Nations, who was a prisoner in Auschwitz

I personally like lessons on The Righteous Among Nations, because it helps connect a non-Jewish student and engages them to question and fact find.

Through them, you are connected to Yad Vashem. The International School for Holocaust Studies – the only school of its kind in the world – offers extensive activities for students and educators in the field of Holocaust education and develops innovative methods, creative materials and multimedia tools tailor-made for teachers worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of teachers and students, from Israel and around the world, attend educational programs and intensive seminars at Yad Vashem every year. Tens of thousands more participate in online courses as well as educational activities in their home countries. International conferences provide a meeting place for educators from across the globe, where they are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the Holocaust and tools to impart it to their students, all the while developing a vital network of colleagues. Preparatory courses for students and officers of the IDF embarking on journeys to Poland also take place throughout the year. The Learning Center is an interactive educational experience that allows visitors to delve into the historical and moral issues and dilemmas that arise from the Holocaust.

Part of the Holocaust and The Arts Lesson Plans from Yad Vashem

It’s accessible to everyone—no excuses!!

World Jewish Congress

Finally, a strongly encourage the #WeRemember campaign With each passing year, the number of Holocaust survivors left to bear witness diminishes. Within a few decades no survivors will remain. It’s up to all of us to help preserve their memory and honor those who perished.

Mordechai Paldeil, Holocaust Survivor and Father of Siggy Flicker

The #WeRemember Campaign for International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Write “We Remember” on a piece of paper. Take a photo holding your sign. Share your photo. Together, we can ensure that the past is never forgotten.

From WJC

Learn more at

The only way stop anti-Semitism is to teach the horrors FACTUALLY about anti-Semitism and The Holocaust!!!

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