Honey and Yoghurt, an unexpected miracle

Honey and Yoghurt

I like discovering cool things that seem to have not been noticed until now, especially if they contain a spiritual dimension.

Last January, while Gabrielah, my wife, was preparing breakfast, she squeezed some honey onto a yoghurt in the cup. It sat for maybe half an hour or so. When I turned my attention to it, I noticed that a pattern had developed on the surface of the yoghurt. I stared at it, wondering if I am really seeing right. The honey had caused the yoghurt to start separating in the form of a honeycomb pattern. (see photos)

I’m currently in my 66th year as a human but I have never seen this nor heard of this happening. That this is not commonly known is amazing, considering how incredibly beautiful this is. The honey somehow activated a process on its own, without the bee, that led to outlining the honeycomb. The yoghurt understood what it was supposed to do so as well, as if they were naturally working together.

I’m amazed. I love being amazed. How can this be understood?

Since that time, we have tried to repeat this development unsuccessfully with other yoghurts.

Sometimes we can see that a vague pattern starts to form an outline, but so far this one yoghurt from this one company seems to be the one that the honey likes. Honey is sterile, so maybe the yoghurt must be as pure?

This would be a great home project for kids. The only thing is, when they start to ask ‘How does it do that?’, what do you tell them? “I don’t know but it sure is cool.”

In our perspective, God created the bees and gave them the assignment to build honeycombs, spread pollen while collecting nectar from flowers, fill the honeycombs with the nectar and wait for it to turn to honey. The nectar must have been infused with the bee’s DNA from its saliva and so the honeycomb pattern then became part of the honey’s DNA, which found such a pure mate in the yoghurt so that together they started to make a honeycomb. But to what end? Yoghurt is a milk product so it would make it part of the Promised Land Duo of milk and honey, but what role would the honeycomb play for yoghurt?

Amazed without answers in Mevaseret Zion,

About the Author
Describing their life as an adventure with God, Yeriel and his wife Gabrielah, met God while living far out in the wilderness of Alaska, then followed His leading to eventually go to Romania where they spent six years doing social work and helping the elderly Jews of the Falticeni/Suceava area before making aliyah. When they made aliyah they gave up their other citizenships, claiming Israel as their only home.