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The Inconsolable New Yorker

Honoring the Fallen: Commemorating Yom Hazikaron 2024

Your courage does not go unnoticed nor valued in the depths of our hearts.

Your patriotism and courage despite the ache in your chest as you kiss the foreheads of your mothers, children, spouses, and friends alike is as strong as the iron sword you stand for.

The world has changed and instead of bowing their heads in prayer they burn the flag thousands of years have built with sacrifices of blood, legacy, and innocence.

The choice is not theirs to make but the echoes of their ignorance cannot be unheard.

Soldier, we send our love and light up for you to drown the sound. You are loved. Your appreciated. Most of all, your dedication to the safety and resilience of her children will never be forgotten.

Am Yisrael Chai.

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I am a native New Yorker that experienced the deep connection to Israel at the young age of 16. I always believe that Israel chose me when I was selected to represent America and immerse myself into the amazing culture. I am now forty-three and my unparalleled love remains the same if not stronger as we stand tall against the dehumanization of all Israeli's. I studied the Holocaust while battling theologians on the theory if God was responsible in my early 20's, attained my degrees in social work to help children of trauma, moved on to become a financial executive, a mother to three awesome children, a semi-professional opera singer, currently a sales and operations executive for a national private education company, and still here working for my purpose.
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