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How 5 Online Tools Can Make Your Work Life Easier: Tools for marketers, content creators, and everyone

Terror, war, rain, snow, dust storms, and holidays – there is no want for distractions from Israel. But one thing I’ve learned, especially working in marketing, is that the show must go on.

I am a paying customer for each one of these tools, which help me manage blogger outreach, writing & editing, PR, landing pages, and staying focused during troubled times. For every profession, there are tools to make your life easier, and they’re well worth the money.

These are the ones I’m using now:

Blogger Outreach

Several brands that we’re working with this month want to get real blogger reviews for their products. You have costs. You have to find the right bloggers. Make an agreement. And the follow through, oh the follow through is the worst.

This challenge is why for the second time I’m using BlogsRelease.

Screen grab from BlogsRelease review page for Name Factory

Founded in Israel by Eti Nachum Finkelstein, this platform/service allows brands and marketers to reach bloggers around the world without going crazy. They provide you with a targeted list, allow you to select your ten favorite bloggers, and then they take care of the rest. You’ll get a beautiful report dealing coverage and ongoing support. I’ve done campaigns now for name necklaces, Edom Dead Sea Cosmetics, and will use BlogsRelease the next time I want a brand I work with to reach bloggers.

If you are a brand or represent one and want get some blogger reviews, save yourself a headache and pay BlogsRelease to do it for you.

Writing & Editing

There is a fantastic program called Grammarly that I use to make my writing better, but from a marketer’s perspective it does more than that. Grammarly checks complex grammar constructions, much further beyond the simple analyzes of Word. Its upgraded grammar checks are great for essays, blog posts, and longer items. But there are also two additional functions that are particularly relevant for marketers.

Example of Grammarly at work.
Example of Grammarly at work – on this article.

First, the “check for duplicate content” feature is the perfect way to make sure that your content is 100% original. Whether it be product descriptions, blog posts, or buying guides your goal is to provide original content. Duplicate content can hurt your site and hold back SEO achievements that would have happened.

Second, I love the vocabulary enhancement feature. While reviewing, editing or writing, I like the external check that makes sure that myself or the writer didn’t unnaturally overuse keywords or just. It also makes suggestions on alternatives, which can help your article be more interesting to read.

Are you a content writer or editor? You’ll be amazed by this program.

Public Relations

It’s an oldie, but a goodie – PR Newswire remains my favorite way to do a press release. For around $100 you can do a basic press release. And if your news truly is newsworthy, you’ll see your news popping up all over the web and around the world.

But there is one thing that makes me a little crazy about it, which is a large number of sites that republish as-is. But then again, PR Newswire doesn’t claim that they’ll get you an original story. If you’d like more than just reposts, you’ll have to do a bit more to get it.

Do you send out press releases? What press release service do you like?

Landing Pages

Instapage is insta-good. And the ironic part of Instapage making this month’s list is that it’s only because of a client’s attempt to do a landing page in-house that made me appreciate the virtues of Instapage.

Highly flexible, customizable, but also integrating into your current website, Instapage is an easy-to-use solution for marketers looking to get a landing page up and running fast. Perfect for testing proof of concept, such as whether paid traffic will download an app. It’s also great to use in a pre-design phase of a more permanent landing page. Test 3 options with ease before you make expensive design changes.

Have you tried Instapage? Did you like it?

Focus Focus Focus

With near-daily terror attacks, a toddler who is intent on testing my limits, and a growing business, focusing on the task at hand isn’t easy. But I have a plan.

Lumosity is one of my coping strategies. It’s an online “brain training” program that helps me get my focus.

I bought a lifetime subscription a few years ago and found that it’s one of the best investments I’ve made.

My Lumosity home page today
My Lumosity home page today

Do you feel stressed? Do you have trouble focusing? Try a brain training game from Lumosity to reset your mindset.

Final Words

Everyone needs help and sometimes that help comes in the form of tools. Work smarter, not harder.

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