Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

How Can I Overcome Manipulations?

I received the following message on social media from Dimitriy that expresses pain in how politicians and propagandists know how to manipulate societies who follow them, often to slaughterhouses…

I have been enraged lately. Why do we succumb to politicians and propagandists who are throwing us off? They are the reason there is so much grief. You see clearly blood spilling, people killing each other, and hating each other. It is all because they are egging on, but everything is, after all, illusory and fake. We die for this lie while they get fat. They make lots of money off this bloodshed, their children roll in luxury, and they too are doing well. Why are we giving in? Where is our basic reasoning? Where is the fear?

Indeed, people in such power positions take advantage of our little egos, our desires to enjoy ourselves at the expense of others, and thus entire populations succumb to their control. They work together with various specialists who understand egoistic human nature quite well, knowing how to steer it in directions that they wish.

The question is whether there is a solution to this situation. It can only be if we truly understand our nature, how its reins are pushed and pulled in various directions, and then be able to see how these politicians and manipulation specialists operate on us, and not be on board with them.

Ultimately, however, we simply need to understand that a positive unified atmosphere and good human connections are above all other benefits they try to bribe us with. If we cherish positive human relations, then they will be unable to make us deviate into all kinds of directions.

The aspiration to positively connect should bring us to the realization that it is best to live peacefully with our neighbors, which means anyone in our vicinity through to those in other countries.

On one hand, it is no secret and people generally understand that it is good to be at peace with neighboring people and countries. But these are just words. When it comes down to the crunch, there are several ways of pitting one country against another, and it becomes very hard to stop those avalanches after they start rolling.

We should nonetheless try to imprint on ourselves the primacy of living peacefully. Indeed, we have the ability to embed this principle into society so that if certain people want to lure one society into war against others, they will fail. We can achieve this heightened level of awareness throughout society; it should be our most important aspiration.

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