Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

How Do Conspiracy Theorists Come Up With New Conspiracy Theories?

We come up with all kinds of conspiracy theories primarily because we do not know where we live, why we are alive, where we are headed, and what is good and bad for us.
We are confused. We can think of ourselves like little children who were placed into an open store, and who then play with all kinds of objects in that store, running around and bumping into all sorts of things, but who have no clue as to why they were placed there to begin with, and what the store’s rules are in order for everyone to enjoy themselves optimally.
That is how we are in our world. Therefore, if something significant and extraordinary happens to us here, we start examining the phenomena from several different angles: Who caused it? Who benefits from it? We start looking for who to blame.
Ultimately, we cause our every misfortune, but it is not as all kinds of conspiracy theorists emphasize, that there are certain people acting in a goal-oriented manner. We can think about it similarly to a volcanic eruption, a tsunami or a hurricane: we might have caused such phenomena indirectly, but not on purpose.
No matter how rich or powerful certain people are, they cannot change humanity’s fate. It is because nature is the general collective force and it includes and sustains each particular and individual force within itself. It rules over everyone and everything, and it does not let any one person or group of people move anything even one millimeter in any direction.
If there are any individual forces that wish to break out and take control, nature simply does not let them. Every person is a small part, an individual aspect, of a general system that is governed solely by the force of nature. Therefore, the ultimate conspirator is nature itself, which governs everyone and everything according to its higher plan—”higher” because it is beyond our minds to comprehend.
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