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Elyssa Frank
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How Do You Truly Feel About the World Around You?

today's world view, all terrain . . .
today's world view. . . All terrain
I need to vent.
So, I remember when POTUS Trump pushed through the vaccine & friends were resistant. I didn’t understand, they were big pro-Trumpers & during a pandemic were negating the directives of the POTUS. It made zero sense to me but, it’s their choice and their reasons.
Now the Biden admin is in charge of America and still this vaccine resistance exists.
But, let’s NOT FORGET, the loudest and most uncomfortable influential voices during the Trump administration against the vaccine were Joe Biden & Kamala Harris . . . (the videos exist)
Operation Warpspeed was a great success. Truly historical & yet, the Biden admin has a difficult time giving President Trump his truly deserved accolades. Why? I will never understand. (One would think a POTUS pushing “unity” would have good manners & tact. Instead, we get a lot of misinformation & giggles)
I’m literally, in the petri dish of Pfizer, we all saw what a vaccinated nation was, for a moment. But, always in the back of my head, I knew the minute the country would open and travel began to pick up we would be on a backwards treadmill. Hence, we have arrived.
Truly, in my mind & from what I witnessed; the same precautions pre-vaccine should have continued to stay in place post-vaccine, ESPECIALLY when the country opened. It did not.
All went back to their “normal” lives. (As if that was truly possible while a pandemic still raged amongst us all)
So, back to the anti-Vaxxers. I truly believe in free choice. And I’m not too sure if forcing a needle into someone’s arm is comfortable with this American and free thinker; my body, my choice. And let’s not forget the mind/body connection, if one thinks they are having poison injected in them, that could manifest some bad physical results.
However, in reality, as much as it sucks, it is very much all around us. Are people truly still denying that COVID19 exists?
Sorry, but, I am pretty sure, that COVID19 exists and can be proven, 100%.
I am lost at this point. It’s very obvious we need to learn to live and “thrive” with CORONA. But I do believe it needs to be done in a smart and safe way. I can honestly say, I have yet to see that, instead this has just become a power-play & just manipulated politics and information!
It seems most humans need everything spelled out for them and that most lack commonsense to put 2 + 2 together. (Sorry, if that offends, but its what I have witnessed for more than a year)
No one wants a lockdown, they are truly horrific. So, what I do not understand, is where is our own human-nature to do everything possible to avoid a lockdown? Instead, I see this rebellious, up-in-arms attitude to defy anything to control the insanity of a pandemic. All have become high-level scientists, analysts, data collectors & experts in infectious disease!
To all who are unvaccinated, your body, your choice, I love your free-spirited nature and thinking. I align very much with that thinking, but you must not negate your actions have ramifications that affect other like-minded, free-spiriters. Does that affect your thinking at all? Who likes a vaccine passport? It’s a very stringent action for a government to take against its citizens. But, what if, an unvaccinated soul just took responsibility for their own actions? On every level.
Can the free world trust you all to do that?
Simply, wear a mask when you are in close quarters or inside, without it becoming a mandate. Does it need to become yet another stance of “free-spirit-ness”? What about just being a responsible citizen of the free world during a pandemic, a very real global health crisis.
Again, that can not be negated. COVID19 is alive & well.
I know, I know, I will get, “if you are vaccinated, why do you care what I do?”. . . Well, I do. Because even months ago, as a high-risker, I felt the vaccine was not 100%. I knew it would protect me to a level. And I was precisely correct in my thinking.
We all need to stop. . yes, some stillness. Together. C’mon, “shanti banti”, meditation, well-being is forever trending. Let’s practice what all like to preach 24/7. THIS WORLD is spinning out of control and we need a MOMENT of stillness & somehow, we need to figure a way to get on the same page.
I feel as a vaxer/masker, I’m straddling two worlds, as I hold on to the concept of free will and free-thinking. Yet part of being a citizen of the free world, I need to take into consideration how my actions will affect me, my family, my community and yes, the entire free (&not so free) WORLD around me. . .
The truth is the vaccine is not 100%. The fact is many who were vaccinated pretty much forgot that a pandemic was still very much dancing all around us. And there are breakthrough cases. Many of them. And, thank Gd, those cases are not severe. But, is getting sick any fun for anyone? And many times, one learns about “underlying conditions” when one is hit by a bad virus/infection.
By the way, there are many unvaccinated who also forgot this pandemic still exists.
At this point, I speak for myself and others who are vaccinated. The masks are somewhat of an “obstacle” to this virus, from what I learned and witnessed. It definitely does something. I mean, would you want to have surgery with unmasked surgeons? Would you enter the room of a highly contagious sick friend? Have you ever been demanded to mask before entering a friend’s hospital room battling cancer? So, no matter how much you resist this mask situation, masks work. Masks suck and they work, especially against an unvaccinated & vaccinated population during a pandemic.
Prove me wrong. Or just commit to having your next surgery with maskless, ungloved surgeons. (Let me know how that goes)
That said, Corona’s buddy Delta has come to the party, I, myself have no desire to dance with her, do you?
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Elyssa Frank arrives in Tel Aviv with more than fifteen years NYC broadcasting experience. Presently, you can listen to her new podcast, "Short Hills Live in the Middle East"- on Facebook. You may have seen Elyssa on-camera hosting & guesting on the English website of Israel Hayom Insider, where she created her own show, "Hot, hip & NOW", introducing the Anglo audience to interesting Israelis on the cutting edge of fashion, art & technology. She is a award-winning voiceover talent with global credits, as well as Union affiliation. (Sag/Aftra) Elyssa is most known as the voice that changed the way we look at internet speed; she introduced high-speed online to NYC with multiple award-winning spots. She is a trained NYC actress with off-broadway credits, as well as national on-camera spots. When she's not in a studio & in front of a mic, you can find Elyssa avidly crossing the Mediterranean where she holds the position of "#urban mermaid."
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