Esor Ben-Sorek
Esor Ben-Sorek

How is Gideon Sa’ar a ‘backstabber’?

In a recent comment in the Hebrew daily YISRAEL HAYOM, the former Jerusalem mayor, Nir Barkat, lashed out at Likud MK Gidon Sa’ar who is considering running for the Likud leadership and accused him of “stabbing Netanyahu in the back”. Where else does he propose another spot for stabbing?

It was a very sick remark coming especially from one who is also challenging Netanyahu’s Likud leadership.

In a normal democracy (which Israel cannot now claim to be) anyone has the right to propose himself or herself as a candidate for office and can work to change the role of leader of the one sitting in the chair now.

Frankly, if prime minister Netanyahu refuses to step down pending his trial on three counts of fraud, corruption and bribery, it would behoove the members of the Knesset, for the sake of the public, to vote him out of office.

Do we really want a prime minister who has been indicted on criminal charges to rule over us? What message does it send to the world?

And if other party members wish to replace him, that is a right in a democracy. Israel’s sick government is openly working for the death of democracy in favor of leadership by a criminal whose time, after 14 years, should be up.

Israel needs to create and pass a law limiting the number of terms a prime minister can serve. Most, if not all, democratic nations have such a law. Without it, we only have dictatorship. Do we want another Franco who served as the master, chief, number one and only one, all-powerful leader to the detriment of lack of full freedoms for the people of Spain?

Our leadership is composed of a triumvirate of three Netanyahu’s: husband, wife and older son. It is as if they were all combined in the trio of the father, son, and holy ghost. Fathers and sons we need. But there is no place in our government for a holy (or unholy) ghost. The trio must go or be deposed.

Nir Barkat is very anxious to replace Netanyahu with himself as head of the Likud and leader of the nation. And yet he accuses Gidon Sa’ar of being a backstabber. Barkat should know from his term as Jerusalem’s mayor that, in politics everything can go. Everyone who has the support of his fellow lawmakers has the right to propose anyone, including self, as a candidate, The vote is determined by the members of our Knesset.

I know very little about Barkat’s politics and policies. But I have always been impressed with the good character and wisdom of Gidon Sa’ar. A change in our leadership will be a breath of fresh air which we can breathe with much satisfaction.

Sitting in a local coffeeshop, a friend remarked that if Bibi is re-elected prime minister again he intends to surrender his Israeli passport and Teudat Zehut (national ID card) to the nearest office of the Misrad HaPnim (Interior Ministry). He said he would feel shame in his country of birth if dirty politics smeared the country’s good name.

We must never allow another Yigal Amir to point a gun at any leader of our government whose policies do not concur with his own. There are many rights and too many wrongs.

We dare not slide backwards. We are obliged to all the citizens of our beloved country to labor and to struggle for the re-birth of our former democratic system of government.

There can never be any “back-stabbing”. Nor anywhere else for that matter.

We need to emulate the characteristics of our wisest King Solomon who was an “ohev shalom” and a “rodef shalom”…. A lover of peace and a pursuer of peace.

There cannot be one without the other.

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