Josia Nakash
Josia Nakash
Founder, Good Vibe Agency

How Israel is a mini-model of civilization

Israel just got an expert valuation from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange that it’s worth $4.3 trillion.

The assessment of Israel’s value was calculated using World Bank criteria such as natural capital, produced capital, net foreign assets and, most important for Israel, human capital.

If we think we can access our value based on the same criteria as other countries, we are mistaken. Israel has always, and will always have its own criteria for evaluating its true worth. Once we become aware of this, we will be able to increase our worth very quickly. But until we discover that, the entire world will continue to blame us for all the problems in the world.

Over 77% of Israelis felt that our value comes from our high-tech. As one of the top high-tech consultants in Israel, I can tell you that our technology is even more innovative than the world can even imagine. Incredible startups that I worked with over a decade ago are now seeing their solutions integrated into every smartphone on the planet. I have always said that you can trace back any advanced solution in the world to Israel.

But that’s not where our greatest breakthrough will come from. We need to be at the forefront of humanity in providing the blueprint to a far better way of existing. This is the code the world needs from Israel.

The Code is in The Torah

As the Torah explains, 3500 years ago in ancient Babylon, civilization was in a state of crisis. The inhabitants hated each other and wanted to kill each other. They reached a state of baseless hatred (sinat chinam), and didn’t understand where it came from, because they were one people.

Abraham understood that it was all because their ego grew suddenly. He knew that they were not to blame because nature made him that way.  So he started to research the law of nature and discovered that there really is a law in nature about the development of man and our desire to control. This can cause us to either behave in a good way toward everyone or in a bad way.

Abraham started to research how to make the inhabitants of Babylon into good people. He realized that there is a switch that can be turned for transforming them from minus to plus. He then discovered that there is this method that this nation with its inner conflicts and fighting can use to overcome this superior force that’s controlling them.

The method he discovered to transform this bad force to good is called the wisdom of Kabbalah, through which this tool of transforming our nature was given to man. Abraham gathered the people to him and revealed the method to them. He began to teach them how to fix their escalating desires, and how to transform them from being a bad influence to a good influence.

It’s not by chance that people become good instead of bad. They are in between the bad forces influencing them and the good they are building out of the bad. It is precisely in between these two forces where they have place to build themselves.

This is the only area where we can develop our freedom of choice, our attitude to the world, humanity and nature. It is right in the middle of these two forces where we can reveal the correct connection between good and bad. And doing this gives us a completely different perspective of reality – an eternal perspective.

That same group that Abraham put together called itself Israel, with the goal of reaching a state of being above the bad and above the good – meaning above the two main forces in nature. This is how Israel became a mini-humanity. A group made up of all the 70 nations of ancient Babylon, is really a sample of a mini civilization. And whatever happens there, happens in all of humanity.

Now the real problem here, and we are seeing this for thousands of years, is that everyone is locked on that same group. Even though they have dispersed all over the world and developed in their egoistic desires. Ever since then and until today that group is functioning as a representative for humanity toward the upper force. Humanity receives everything through this group.

This is why all of humanity is pressuring this mini-civilization to bring it to an ideal state. And blaming it for causing all the bad in the world. And the reason we don’t have many good periods throughout history is because Israel could not function according to free choice.

In galut in Egypt they couldn’t choose, in between the two temples the Jews were able to get closer to the positive force to a certain extent, but since WWII and onward we’ve been given an opportunity.  On the one hand the nations of the world gave us this land, and on the other they gave us the opportunity to bring the good force to all of humanity. All this was on the condition that we act as a passageway like Baal HaSulam wrote about in the article Ha’arvut.

Clearly we are doing just the opposite. Our constant state of conflict shows that we are not capable of getting along here, and we can’t even function like a normal nation that connects through its values. Our ego is so big that we’re willing to destroy everything.  Other countries can connect around a common value system but we can’t.

But in our case, the peace of the world is dependent on our connection. Once we connect the whole world will follow our example and reach connection, and finally humanity will reach the end of correction (gmar tikkun). If we don’t carry this out we’ll continue to be pressured from all sides. We will have to leave to galut again and this land will be given to the Arabs, because we are not capable of behaving like be a nation on our land.

What happens with Israel happens in the world and we owe this to the world. So the pressure on Israel will increase. Hopefully a part of Israel will realize that the wisdom of Kabbalah – the wisdom of truth – speaks of this, and we will carry out our role.

We the Jews came out of Babylon to implement our role in the correction of the world. Israel is the passageway between the upper force and the world. Our connection brings the good force to humanity, and this is the key to the world’s sustainability.  It is we Jews who are sitting on the tap and turning it for the good or bad to flow to humanity.

We have an opportunity to break through the barrier between our current state and the next stage of our evolution where we will discover the upper, perfect dimension. There are many actually, but right now we are before the main one – the machsom (Hebrew for barrier).

We need to open our hearts and minds to this message in order to receive the key to unlocking nature, and sharing all the abundance it has to offer with the entire world.

About the Author
Josia Nakash made Aliya from Canada at the age of 12 on a 28-foot Cape Dory sailboat. She loves sharing all the good Israel has to offer the world. Josia has a BA in International Relations and Political Science. She was the IDF's second female sniper instructor and is a top marketing consultant and copywriter.