How One American Jew and His Israeli and American Patents are Returning the Power Back to the People

Have you ever wondered how companies decide how much to charge you on your monthly utility bills? The gas, electric, and water companies are trying their best to provide proper readings. But unfortunately, we all know too well from our bills how many times they get it wrong. We all know how many times their “weights and measures” reading systems do not provide accurate readings. But what is worse yet is that we are at the mercy of not knowing the amount of energy we are using at the time we are flushing our toilets, watering the lawns, cooking our food, cooling our sweltering living room, or heating our cold bedroom, not to mention the hundreds of other ways we use these utilities for our basic needs and our luxury wants. But imagine if we could pay as we go for our home energy needs rather than run up a huge bill and pay later.

And why do we run up such high bills? All because we do not accurately know the amount of our energy we are consuming during the time we are using it. Think of the hundreds of dollars saved, the energy waste prevented, and the amount of safety prevention we could attain if we could know in real time how much water, gas, or electricity we are using? Well, guess what? That day, so hoped for and dreamed of, for at least nearly over a hundred and fifty years, since the first utility company sent its first bill to a consumer, has arrived. For the first time since the energy age came about, we, the consumer, thanks to the brilliant Tomer Tamarkin, now have a measuring Smart Meter that can revolutionize our lives for our economic betterment and peace of mind.

In other words, “N0 MORE WORRY ABOUT THE BILLS”. And why? Because for the first time since the energy age, we, the consumer, can actually dictate our energy intake rather than be dictated by utility companies who estimate our energy use, without providing us with the means for a “control as we go” device to accurately measure, monitor, and control our energy needs and consumption.

But Tomer Tamarkin, his invention – Smart Meter, and his team at EnergyCite, have provided us with a “control as we go” device. He has and is fulfilling the impossible dream – “Returning the Power to the People”.

A new age of economic democratic freedom has arrived heralding unforeseen ways to literally save hundreds of dollars on our monthly bills, and thousands on yearly bills. The Smart Meter is an amazing device and technology that actually allows us to handle our energy intake in a super accurate manner rather than a ”hope for the best” approach, and based on Artificial Intelligence software. It is not only cutting edge, it is a capitalistic answer to socially and economically empower the average citizen without infringing on his/her rights. In other words, the Smart Meter is a noble, technologically and extremely profitable device that “Returns the Power to the People” without the need of social revolutions while maintaining a healthy capitalistic approach that benefits all, especially the homeowner.

Basically, Tomer Tamarkin has laid the roads for economic freedom without the need for class struggle. As my grandmother used to say: “If there is a Will, there is a Way.” Tomer’s will and intelligence to find a technology to liberate the homeowner from unfair home costs levels the playing field without ripping it apart.

And that is why I am so in favor of this spectacular breakthrough. That is why major investors including Bob Block, the father of Pay Per View television, celebrities such as the legendary singer, Pat Boone, Hollywood producers and even foreign utility meter companies have become investors in Tomer’s company, Energycite.

Tomer’s invention is actually a complete home energy management system which provides the consumer accurate up to the second real-time energy use and cost data on a thermostat-like device inside the home as well as on smart phones which can be accessed anywhere in the world. The system uses energy consumption data coming from the utility’s smart meters. The exact same data the utility uses to create your electric, gas and water bills.

Moreover the system “learns” the consumer’s habits of energy use and through artificial intelligence actually optimizes energy use and associated cost by automatically controlling energy consuming devices based on things like peak energy demand and the time of day the energy is being consumed.

Tomer has been granted 7 patents on the system worldwide; two in Israel. Over the last decade, Tomer has raised $3 million dollars in the U.S. to develop and patent the technology as the American installed base of new utility smart meters grew to over 75 million. The base of U.S. smart meters is expected to increase to over 125 million by 2022.

Now Tomer’s company, EnergyCite, is launching a Series “A” sale of its company stock using an equally democratic investment capital raising approach recently enacted in Europe and America known as equity crowdfunding. Soon EnergyCite will be listed on the U.S. Securities Exchange System approved online crowdfunding portal service called Wefunder.

Tomer has been to Israel many times to meet with people at Israel Electric Company and government ministers in Jerusalem to explain the benefits of IEC implementing the system. He even sat with Prime Minister Netanyahu and explained the concept to him. The prime minister instantly “got it” and said it was a matter of national security to manage the peak energy demand to lower power costs and prevent power outages.

Someday Tomer hopes to actually manufacture the products in Israel and export them worldwide. He is actively seeking financial as well as hardware/software engineering and manufacturing partners in Israel.

And what is even more amazing about Tomer’s outlook and concern for others is that not only he wants to help the homeowner save money on his/her bills but also is offering anyone a rare opportunity to invest in his company and profit.

Tomer is truly a great Jew who fulfills the Zionist dream and credo of “Being a Light to the Nations.”

About the Author
Rabbi Avi Schwartz, is the son of the Palmach Legend, Motke Eish HaGarzen, Motke the Axeman. His Father was the commander that led the 21 Palmach Warriors who conquered Har Tzion ( Mount Zion), King David's Tomb in 1948, rescuing 1,700 Jewish men, women and children from the onslaught in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Rabbi Schwartz is both a Black Hat Rabbi and Zionist activist. A filmmaker and writer, with works in Netflix, he is also the creator of the first apps against BDS: Fight BDS and BDS Myth Busters (BDS Myth Busters is sponsored by the Hollywood icon and anti-BDS activist Roseanne Barr. Rabbi Schwartz is the VP of Digital Marketing and Director of Energycite, a breakthrough technology in energy conservation. He also is the founder of Torah Teen Palmach Center, training teens to be future leaders in the tradition of the Palmach.