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Tolerance can't be measured in degrees of Intolerance

How the Assault on Jews and Israel is Justified

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We are under assault by people for whom morality and history are just semantic terms to be discarded or changed to suit their purpose.

Recently, The British Guardian newspaper published an attack on Israel, based on the global media’s description of student Aiia Maasarwe as an Israeli Arab. When fighting a media war, the bigots are not interested in the truth. The only interest is in the storyline that supports their prejudiced agenda. This woman was randomly raped and murdered while on a placement to an Australian university.  Israel mourned her death because she was a human being whose life was brutally taken from her and that is something that the fascist Left, and its Muslim co-conspirators cannot accept because it runs counter to their own agenda of separation and apartheid between Jews and Arabs of Israel.

A person’s humanity should not be subject to a political agenda. When it becomes just so, then we can understand from this that our enemies have as little regard for our survival as previous genocidal racists and political bigots did.

In yet another piece of Guardian literary garbage, an ‘anonymously penned editorial’ presented a wholly Arabist point of view. The ubiquity of violence and HAMAS’s declared intention of creating both terror and bloodshed in the case of a successful breach of Israel’s border was described as having ‘no consequence or importance’.  The identity of dead combatants in the current war of attrition, a majority of whom were identified by HAMAS as being members of its military organisation, was ignored as ‘irrelevant’.  The planting of explosives, the firing of weapons, and wounding by sniper fire was brushed aside.   Gassing (rather than the use of tear-gas) is a deliberate segue to associate Israelism with Nazism, the gas chambers with Palestine.

The Guardian editorial was an inevitable consequence of accepting, without retaliation or robust challenge, every lie, every deceit, every act of dissembling truth or rewriting of history produced by Guardian journalists.  Their agenda is one-sided and terminally corrupted by an antisemitic ideology.   With the election of a political antisemite as leader of Britain’s Left-wing opposition, the line between traditional British antisemitism (usually just below the surface) and Muslim theological contempt for the ‘other’ has been erased.  In its place is a free-flowing, toxic anti-Zionism that is undifferentiated from antisemitism.

In a book that should frighten everyone decent (“The Left’s Jewish Problem.  Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and Antisemitism” by David Rich) the ‘New Left’ was: “defined by anti-racism as being anti-colonialist and against existing power structures that perpetuate prejudice.” And in a submission to an enquiry on racism, racism and its ‘authorised list of victims’ is clarified as “the exercise of prejudice via concrete discrimination…those who have power cannot be victims of racism and those without power cannot be racist.”

Jews are labelled as “white” and therefore they – we – ‘have power.’

The result of this radical (and bogus) reinterpretation of power dynamics is to ignore fact and re-write history in order to create a new victimology that excuses every act of depravity inflicted by any group with a ‘sanctioned’ identity upon its rivals.

Even when Jewish children are murdered in France, the Left describes those murders as resulting “from racism against French Muslims and the legacy of French colonialism in Algeria.”   (France left Algeria in 1962 – the world is now entering the third generation AFTER the Algerian War ended).  Pre-World War 2 prejudices have been revivified; the excuses are just brought up to date. Islamic complicity in war-crimes and crimes against humanity are dismissed and Jews are told to trust those people who see fit to ignore those crimes.  Logic and personal morality have nothing to do with either the Left-wing assault on Jewish identity or its obsession with Israel.    Israel and ‘the Jews’ have once more become Fascisms’ convenient scape-goat, this time for European Colonialism’s feelings of guilt.

Even when Jews were hugely supportive of the goals of the Left, from Socialism’s birth in the 19th Century there has always been a section of the Radical Left that was vigorously antisemitic.

The road to assimilation for the Jewish radical was often the road of the Jewish Uncle Tom who would parrot every religiously bigoted interpretation of secular or religious prejudice current within society. Conditions have not changed.

Today the world has discovered Intersectionality.  It creates a hierarchy of victims that conveniently excludes the oppressed if they are not part of the defined hierarchy.  The problem with creating hierarchies is that it is people who create them, and it is people who define them.  It is people who decide who is oppressed and who is an oppressor.   Inevitably, it is people whose personal prejudices help them to dismiss inconvenient truths, who favour one group over another, without reference to the facts. 

So antisemites view unbridled bigotry and prejudice as having legitimate currency in terms of multilateral relationships.   White ‘privilege’ (Jews are viewed as ‘white’) means that we have no rights unless we recognise the original sin of our birth and then, the expiation of our guilt is contingent on adopting a politically correct narrative.   That means accepting the concept that we are all guilty of original sin. Simply by existing, we have wronged, we oppress others.  It is a difficult idea to appreciate that nothing you may do in your life will ever excuse the crime of your birth – in the skin of a ‘white person’ and with a white (Jewish) ‘soul.’   Both concepts are deeply racist – we cannot prove the existence, or non-existence of the soul but the evil bigot will always be able to use the concept to damn his or her enemy.  And that must be difficult for the 70% of Israel’s Jewish population who are genetically non-White (including Israel’s Ethiopian and small Asian-Jewish community)! Outside of Israel, it must be similarly puzzling for a non-white Jew.  In another era my sister was often greeted by Italians and Greeks who assuming her to be ‘one of theirs’ would hug her and talk to her in Italian or Greek (she understands neither language).

There are people who argue that an identity, no matter how recent or contrived, remains a legitimate human right.   ‘Progressive’ churches accept the propaganda that Jesus was a Palestinian. It is rewriting history in a most grotesque, even obscene and certainly Orwellian manner.   But it is an argument that the fascist Left embraces because it helps in visualizing, in refashioning an identity that even they are not comfortable with. Partly, it is an act of …let’s call it faux self-abnegation.  It is brilliant. It elevates a people (the Palestinians) to the rank of Gods and so it is recreating the Christian charge of Jewish deicide. And that is something the ‘progressives’ are comfortable with because it makes it easier for them to both engage with the hateful and genocidal Palestinian Arab world while providing the Progressive Churches with the sacrificial lamb they need (us) to maintain their 21st Century spiritual journey.

It helps the progressives to sleep at night because a Palestinian Jesus means that God is on their side, no matter what.

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