How the eduation of the PA and Hamas impacts the future chances of peace.

It isn’t a secret that there has been no peace between Israel and the Arabs in Gaza Judea and Samaria. One of the biggest reasons why there has been no peace is the rejection from the Arab side. Have you ever thought of how the next generation will impact the chances of peace?. Unfortunately, there won’t be any differences, and hers is why.

While in Israel, children are taught in schools how to accept the other and encouraging coexistence, In Judea and Samaira and even Gaza children are raised to hate Jews.

The children in Gaza, Judea and Samaria are taught that there is no such thing as the Jewish people, that they should not make peace with them. They learn in their schools and texts books on how to remove the connection of the Jewish people to their land by denying history and applying Jewish history to the stories they make up. They get educated in this way to have a legitimate reason to think Israel is their land and to justify the terrorism against Jews.

They are raised in this way to become the next generation of terrorists who will do anything to wipe Jews out of Israel, or in simple words: to continue their leaders legacy.

The worst part is that these children grow up in incitement.

Hamas puts children in summer camps that teach them how to become terrorists by training them in military trainings.

Hamas doesn’t even care that these military drills and trainings are risky and dangerous. They use the advantage of having children who are innocent as a way to brainwash them and abuse them and the for the worst goal, to turn them into terrorists.

Yes, they prefer to have children who will grow up to become terrorists instead of Doctors and lawyers. This amount of hate teaches us that they are willing to sacrifice even the most innocent children Just to destroy Israel.

In Judea and Samaria, children are taught that it is better to kill Jews than to make peace. As a result, children feel comfortable to throw stones at soldiers and commit terror attacks.

Now please tell me, when children grow up like this, are there any opportunities to make peace? I don’t think so.I might grow up learning about peace and how important it is to love and embrace someone people view as your enemy but these children don’t seem to come from the same background, and this difference is what keeping away any chances of peace.

About the Author
Rotem is a public diplomacy activist since 2014 on social media.S he has an Instagram page with thousands of followers called @teens.for.israel which it's main target is to work with youth around the world, educate them about the Israeli Arab conflict and expose the truth about Israel. She made lots of projects in this page collaborating youth from all around the wrold (jews and non -jews). In addition, she collaborated with the digital department of the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs on social media and with other popular public diplomacy activists on social media. She is a former spoksesperson of a right winged political Israeli party youth headquarters and has an op-ed at a youth news site.
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