How The Holocaust happened – 7/10 Pogrom 2023

7/10/2023 will forever be etched on my brain as the day that I finally understood how the Holocaust happened.

I’d spent most of my life trying to understand how Jews were murdered on an industrial scale that took the Allies almost five years to end.

Now I know.

We are living through that moment when “never again’ became just two meaningless words, for “never again” is now, to be etched into the annals of history: 7th October 2023 that day when 1,400 Jews were subjected to a pogrom the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Kishinev, described by Bialik in his epic poem In The City of Slaughter, some 5,000 left with immeasurable injuries and a society completely traumatised.

No, it wasn’t the right wing, the alt-right, the Nazis shouting Heil Hitler, wielding swastikas on poles, nor the beer swilling patriots arrested in London this last weekend. This medieval savagery was perpetrated by terrorists chanting Allahu Akbar as they raped, decapitated, disembowelled, baked infants alive in an oven, grenaded young concert goers hiding in a latrine, blasting off legs and heads, leaving them to die in groaning agony, kidnapping the old, the sick, children and even a baby of 9 months. Unlike the Nazis who cleared up their mess in gas ovens and documented their victims meticulously, taking the booty home to enjoy out of sight of their day’s work, these savages raided family fridges before the blood of their victims stopped flowing, eating with orgasmic hunger in front of a father whose eye they’d gauged out, a mother with a sliced off breast, children missing fingers and a foot, as though rape and mass murder is just another thing one does in a day, recording their achievements, reporting to their elated parents that they had killed 10 Jews in the name of Allah. These medieval monsters left a trail of bloody guts, limbs, skulls behind as they joyously scuttled back across the border into Gaza, kicking and striking with sticks their hijacked prey in the back of trucks, slinging old women, some Holocaust survivors, half naked women with blood stained crotches over motorbikes as they sped over the veld into the distance, leaving raked off skulls to dry out in the heat. And they uploaded their body cams onto social media for the world to see, streaming these monstrous acts into the social media pages of their victims, bringing with them photojournalists, paid by Western news outlets, to record this savagery making front page spreads as image of the day.

If you are not now retching in your toilet at this vile dehumanisation, you are part of the problem. If you’re out on the streets chanting “free Palestine from the river to the sea”, if you’re shouting Allah hu akhbar, if you’re calling for a global intifada, if you’re yearning for Khyber to return in a modern day genocide of Jews, if you’re even innocently looking for a fun day at a protest, you are the problem, you are the savage army seeking global domination via the cult ideology of jihad, the “Jihad Johnny” jihad, not the jihad the wilfully ignorant and those who’ve submitted describe as an inner struggle jihad.

This is not just an Israeli problem, or a Jewish problem, but a Judeo-Christian Western civilisational problem. Hardly had the terrorists scuttled back to Gaza with their hostages when their supporters came to the streets celebrating this slaughter as a victory, dishing out sweets in the streets as is their custom when they succeed in killing Jews, hands outstretched for their pay-to-slay rewards thanks to foreign aid from the EU, UK, USA. Within what seemed like nanoseconds the pro Palestinian lobby across the globe came to the streets, organised by a coalition of PSC/BDS, FOA, the Muslim Association of Britain, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Stop the War and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). Supporters of Hizb Ut Tahrir joined in with trades unions, left wing political parties, BLM to name a few with banners held high, and calls for global intifada, accusing Israel of war crimes, demanding ceasefire, propagating Pallywood fiction as fact, knowing nothing about which river, what sea or the implications of a global intifada for their own future.

Once again our Neros are still fiddling, except it is not just Rome burning, but everything that constitutes civil society based for millennia on those tablets Moses brought back from Mount Sinai, presenting the Ten Commandments to the Jewish people to share as light unto nations. The Jewish people have and continue to fulfil its obligation to spread this light, providing aid to every catastrophe anywhere on earth, including those Gazans who managed to bypass Hamas and make it to safety in Southern Gaza via Israel’s safe passage, sending the best of its people to help the afflicted, developing medical treatments, scientific discoveries, turning the desert into farmland, sharing water technologies with drought stricken third world peoples – the list is endless, but yet, nobody cares enough to remember the 7/10 pogrom of Jews for more than a day.

The signs were there over the years and you refused to listen.

You painted your nails and went to the gym in 2021 when a convoy of cars carrying Palestinian flags drove through Jewish North London threatening to rape Jewish daughters and murder their mothers, the four suspects arrested, but not charged; when a group of pro Palestinian demonstrators trawled the streets of London on a Jew hunting spree and the police, walking alongside, failed to arrest them, with one demonstrator telling the crowd how they love death more than Jews love life; when in 2016 busloads from the West Midlands were brought to London to listen to speeches about how Jews rape and kill and plunder, with rapturous applause on hearing that Jews will have nowhere to go once the Muslim world becomes united, the police advising us to stay away if what we heard was upsetting; when in 2012 the hoards were chanting “Khaybar Khaybar Ya Yahud, Jaish Muhammad Sauf Ya’ud” and the police declined a translation; when the day in September 2005 after Israel extracted every last Jew from Gaza leaving behind an infrastructure of houses, greenhouses and farms that the Arabs pulled down and destroyed within 24 hours, taking aid money to build an arsenal and infrastructure to kill Jews instead of building a safe and securer society. These are just some of the incidents that clarified the path to 7th October 2023 and a call for global jihad currently being acted out throughout western cities.

Of course there is much the greater world ignored, turning askew, failing to look the problem head on, not daring to join up the dots when soldier Lee Rigby was decapitated on a London street; as with the Manchester concert bombing, the One London Bridge massacre, 7/7 underground suicide mission, the car bombing of the Israeli embassy and Balfour house in 1994, the two attacks CST fails to add to their list of terrorist attacks as being, they say, Marxist rather than Jihadi; when a man who’d been on the Mavi Mamara wearing a PSC bandana was found with a sack full of knives outside Westminster’s House of Commons, or the one who stabbed a policeman there; all described as lone wolf incidents with no connection one to the other. Really?

In January 2023 in The Silent Victim I wrote: “Yet again the good people of the West are failing to react as they have failed over centuries.”

The Western world is still failing. One month after this 7/10 pogrom millions are marching with the same brand organisations acting against Israel and Jews, calling for Jihad and a free Palestine from the river to the sea, the yearning for a totally Jew free Middle East under the banner of the third and final prophet, submission. Yet the Metropolitan Police who’d ignored the rise of this populist phenomenon for decades, threatens their opponents holding British and English flags, with breach of the peace and strongly recommends a Christian solidarity vigil not take place for fear of provocation.

Coupled with the marching demonstrations against Israel, under the guise of being pro Palestinian, is a plethora of hitherto disinterested pundits venting forth against Israel supported by a legion media that’s somewhat thin on news, fat on opinion. Cliched views abound about war crimes, international law, excessive civilian deaths, proportionality, decolonisation amongst them, pundits who are certain in their understanding that “From the River to the Sea” means an idyllic one state solution in which Jews and Muslims will live together in eternal bliss, with Jihad an eternal internal struggle. Too lazy to check source material, they’ve bought and paid for this faux own goal narrative, the turkeys for Christmas syndrome.

In the meantime nobody asks why children in Israel, even young men and women, are afraid to sleep at night, why they fear the dark, marking out hiding places, armed only with handy sticks, fearing savages smashing into their homes, repeating the 7/10 pogrom.

When you allow extremists to set the agenda, when you lead their marches through your streets as you issue section 14 notices to and arrest those who object because you are afraid the savages might riot, when your police jump in their vans and leave in a hurry unable to quell the violence, when you find a child dressed in Hamas regalia calling for death to Jews and you kneel beside them instead of rescuing them, those children grow into the vile, psychopathic savages who slaughtered Jews in the 7/10 pogrom under your acquiescence, your submission to a totalitarian medieval ideology so that a quiet night sleep becomes the nightmare of our times.

About the Author
Sharon Klaff lives in London with her family where she is active in combating replacement ideology and antisemitism. She is a founder member of Campaign4Truth, the grassroots group established in 2009 and affiliated with Eye on Antisemitism monitoring anti-Semitism on social media.