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How to Avoid Capital Raising Mistakes by Investing in a 3 Hour UX Course

How to Avoid Capital-Raising Mistakes by Investing in a 3-Hour UX Crash Course

One of the most common mistakes in Israel is unsuitable investment in the first MVP. It’s a known fact that in order to raise an investment in technology field an entrepreneur must show that an existing product works and if not… then at least a demo\mockup that showcases the product screens.

The making of the mockup design may take a couple of days up to months. If you calculate in the development stage on top of the design and the huge investment of time and money, we are talking about tens of thousands of shekels and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Entrepreneurs with an idea who come from a business background and not technical one, are finding it hard to create on their own a mockup or a demo of a website or an app and that creates delays and complicates the time frame that is needed to prepare the pitch presentation and sell the product idea in a way that is clear and right to the investor.

They turn to design and development teams abroad to save costs, but what may seem like a low price per hour at first, turns out at times to over inflation of hours while taking advantage of the entrepreneur’s lack of professional knowledge.

For example, Ron, an entrepreneur who graduated Netalie Zohar’s characterization of UX crash course, tells that he hired a design and development team from an outsourcing company abroad: “The company charged me for many hours of work for small fixes to the characterization and design of the product but I couldn’t argue about it because I was lacking the professional knowledge until I completed the 3-hour characterization of UX crash course and learned how to use Adobe XD for characterization and design and saw how fast and easy it really is. As a result, I ended the work relationship with the outsourcing company that worked on the design, and did by myself most of the design and characterization work and solely provided the development team with the instructions.”

A few hours of UX classes can actually save the need to hire a UX designer or an UX guy and allow entrepreneurs to come up with an outline\mockup of a product for the pitch presentation and raise an investment without spending huge sums of money and to test their future products and features without the added expenses of software development services and the waste of valuable time.

Even though many entrepreneurs are afraid to express their opinion and dip their toes into less familiar subject such as design, the advantage of accumulating significant knowledge is obvious when one invests in a 3-hour UX crash course and takes control into his own hands on the subject of characterization and design, and that makes many entrepreneurs consider this crash course as a good option that will help them better understand the subject of interface, be able to manage a remote design team and will significantly impact their decisions in the field of design and characterization.

For example: Ayelet, CEO and entrepreneur who graduated the characterization of UX crash course, tells that the knowledge she gained at the course. From Idea to Characterization in 3 Hours; changed her ability to deal with the business idea of her startup and made her become much more accurate and eloquent in her work opposite designers and developers.

“Thanks to this course I was able to make by myself the characterization screens of the product for the presentation pitch, and used a UX designer for a small design touch-up.”

Eli, a product guy in a startup company that is in a process of raising capital, tells about working with an outsourcing design company that dragged the work along by arguing with the startup managers, held long meetings and billed the company for every small task. After finishing the course, From Idea to Characterization, he says that he got more tools that will help him lead the design process and user experience. The process got shorter and we did most of the characterization screens on our own.

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