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How to celebrate Israel at 70!

They say that 70 is the new 50, well at least in people years, but yeah I guess Israel has come a long way since 1948. This year is its platinum year, and well it’s time to celebrate. Come April 18, the whole country will be out barbecuing, swimming, trekking, eating and according to Miri Regev the Culture and Sport Minister, Israelis and tourists can expect 70 hours of non-stop activities during the celebration next month. Beach parties, street events, how can you choose?

“I thought it would be appropriate to implement a concept of ongoing events, beginning with the Independence Day ceremony on Wednesday and ending on Saturday evening,” Regev said during the press conference recently.

Of course you can enjoy the old favorites of getting a “mangal” and setting it up on your porch, patio or local beach and start grilling chicken, beef or your favorite vegan seitan equivalent. But for the official agenda?

There will be a fireworks show called Israel and the World Sing Together where people from around the world will get together for a sing-a-long, old Israeli style, after a torch-lighting ceremony. As the song ends people will see the largest fireworks display in the history of Israel.

Since there is about 70 kilometers or 43 miles of coastline beaches in Israel (find eco ones here), expect parties to line the shores where DJs, food, and dancing will be ongoing all night for one of the nights from Tiberias to Eilat.

Over in Jerusalem there will be a Parade of Lights where a moving lights show Jerusalem will be cast on the Old City walls.

Among other events will be a Friday night 70th Hora (see how Shaq does it!)- and you don’t need to be 70 years-old to join in. Following that will be a traditional Shabbat welcoming ceremony, where even tourists can get a glimpse into the private lives of Jewish culture and the revered Friday evening meal.

A show to end all shows will be the Soundtrack Event for Israeli Society where Israeli artists will gather in the “We are the world” fashion, and get together and sing onstage, in an attempt to build the soundtrack for the Israeli movie you will be finding yourself inside.

Some $30 million USD are expected to go into the productions, and tight Israel style security will be in place. Some of us might be just sitting back on our porch watching our kids play freely in Israel, celebrating that way.

While others might be out venturing out on one of many Israel tours, basking in its splendors, visiting the Galilee’s forests and streams, or trekking down in the desert.

“You won’t be bored,” Miri Regev noted at the recent press conference.

Actually, Israel and Israelis couldn’t be bored or boring even if they tried.


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