How to Commit National Suicide

As I write this, another delay in the P5+1 / Iran nuclear negotiations is rumored. In keeping with every other self-imposed extension, this deadline too will not be met. Nor will the July 30th and the August 30th deadline – if there is one. Even if eventually met, it means nothing. A signed agreement with Iran to curb its nuclear weapons development will not be worthy of the paper it is written nor the time wasted. Iran, a dictatorial culture of death led by a monstrous brutal regime, has no intention of abiding by an agreement. To believe otherwise is naivete’ at its greatest. Their behavior is not that of a nation more interested in civilized cooperation with the world’s body. And, their goal of hegemony over the Middle East continues unabated as their terror tentacles spread.

Iran has played the West for the fools we are. Negotiations coincide as their clergy scream “death to America”. What in the world are we are negotiating – how to achieve national suicide? Even President Obama acknowledged the weak and capitulated agreement offered by the P5+1 will upon its expiration leave Iran on the cusp of assembling a nuclear bomb they have all but promised to use. They stated “Israel’s existence is non-negotiable” as we again note the world remains silent.

Led by the great popinjay, John Kerry, these negotiations are a carnival clown show achieving nothing more than to legitimize a terrorist regime. Excluded from the greatest show on earth is the mere mention of Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile program; designed to carry a nuclear payload to the shores of whatever infidel infested land of their choosing. Also taboo is the disclosure of Iran’s past military industrialized nuclear experimentation. Clearly exposed by these negotiations has been the obvious weak underbelly of the West.

Whether or not the other participating partners of this grotesque clambake agree or not, the United States should immediately impose vast and choking economic sanctions. Destroying Iran’s economy would deplete their financial wherewithal to continue spending hundreds of billions on their vast nuclear infrastructure. The strident economic stranglehold would cause civil disobedience sending Iran’s citizens into the streets hungry and demanding regime change. We should publicly support those who wish to end the Mullah’s iron grip as the Green Party attempted to do in 2009. Through cooperation with a new regime or by military force, we should lead the destruction of Iran’s entire nuclear program. For a country drowning in oil, they have no need for nuclear power other than to weaponize it. For the rest of our enemies around the world, hear ye, we will not be threatened.

Of course, President Obama would not agree with any of this. His early Muslim background later influenced by socialist radicals and now surrounded by Islamic sympathetic cohorts in the White House is leading us into the abyss. There are definitely two regimes that need to be replaced. Of course, ours is correctly protected by laws and elections and we will have to wait until November 2016. On the other hand, Iran’s government is corrupt and evil and we are about to gift them WMD’s and legitimacy.

To capitulate to the largest purveyor of worldwide terror is itself – terrifying.

William Pollack is a broadcasting and movie theater entrepreneur based in Memphis, TN

About the Author
William Pollack own and radio, TV stations and movies theaters in the USA currently residing in Memphis, TN.