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How to decide which city in Israel to move to?

Deciding which city in Israel to live in can be very difficult because each city in Israel has it own appeal. Each city in any country, will have its own “vibe,” character, and attractions… especially in Israel.

Therefore, I created this article for you. We will now go into which factors you should take into consideration when deciding which city in Israel would be best for you / your family to move to. So let’s get into it!

What Type Of Weather Do You Like?

Obviously, Israel has a Mediterranean climate… but what exactly does that mean? It means that summers get very hot and winters are short and mild (to say the least).

However, the climate will vary depending on the location / city you may choose to move to.

If you prefer hotter weather, cities like Tel Aviv, Eilat, or Ashkelon might be something for you to look into. If you prefer a cooler climate, you should consider living in the northern cities of Israel, such as Haifa, Nazareth, or Tiberias.

Job Opportunities

One of the most important things to take into consideration when deciding which city you should move to in Israel – is the number of available employment opportunities.

If you are looking for an English speaking job it is very possible to find one. I suggest you take a look at this blog post to read further on the topic –

Some cities in Israel are known for specific industries, such as high-tech in Tel Aviv or the pharmaceutical industry in Haifa. Make sure to research the job market in all of the different cities you are considering to move to. and make sure there are opportunities in your chosen field / profession.

(Local) Education System

If you have children and are considering to move to Israel, and wondering which city you should move to, then the education system in the city will be important to you… as it should be.

Without question, there is a different quality of schools in different cities. You will want to look for cities with strong public schools, as well as colleges + universities for your children to continue their education.

Religious Communities

Israel is a very, very diverse country with many, many different religious communities. Yes, Israel is a Jewish state but there are many Muslim and Christian communities within the country.

If you are looking for a specific community or cultural experience, you may consider moving to a city that has a specific religious / cultural population… that matches or fits with you.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living in Israel can truly vary significantly depending which city you plan to live in. I suggest you read a deeper blog post I created on the topic at this link –

To continue – For example, the city of Tel Aviv is known for being one of the most expensive places to live in the world! However, other cities such as Haifa, Bat Yam, Holon, and Be’er Sheva are other more affordable cities to live in.

When thinking about the overall cost of living, I suggest to take into the consideration not only the cost of rent, but also the price of food, clothes, and the expenses you will be looking at in the form of transportation.

That said…

What Mode(s) of Transportation Will You Be Using?

Israel has a really great public transportation system that includes buses, and trains. In addition, Israel is in the process of building a subway system which will add to the already great transportation system.

However, you should still take into consideration the method in which you plan to get to and from where you will need to go on a daily basis when you actually move here. Here is a link to the department of transportation website, so that you can research a bit more about the public transportation system in Israel –

In Conclusion…

When deciding which city in Israel would be best for you and your family to move to… you will need to take into account many things. Therefore, I hope that this article gave you a few ideas that will help you to decide what is the best city in Israel to move to.

Finally, I believe that if you research well and plan ahead, it is very possible to find a great city in Israel which could provide a satisfying lifestyle for you and and your family after moving to in Israel. Good Luck to you!

– Claude Massey Consulting

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A Los Angeles native who made Aliyah 10+ years ago, Claude Lee Massey is a Life Coach and Career Consultant with a focus on helping new immigrants in Israel. Mr. Massey is also a “how-to” blogger, video content creator, and the author of two books: “Sell, I Dare You!” and "The Candlelit Road" - available on Amazon.
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