How to live: by God’s or human-made morality?

We the humans live by our morality – that is the only thing that distinguishes us the humans from them the non-humans. The morality guides us in our decisions on what is Good and should be supported, and what is Bad and should be fought against. Nowadays we have many moralities, and the two dominant moralities among them are the God’s Bible-guided morality and the government-guided human-made morality.

That is up to us to decide how to live – by God’s or human-made morality – but to avoid the crucial mistake of the life, please find here something to think about before making a fatal decision – your decision may enhance the national unity and prosperity or ruin the unity and even bring a destructive civil war we witness now.

Why the USA nowadays is in the state of cold civil war?

A civil war is defined as a state of social disorder when competing political and social forces in the nation are unable to agree on what is Good for the nation and should be supported, and what is Bad for the nation and should be fought against. And that is what is going on in the USA now: the two political parties cannot find a common governing strategy; the two branches of Congress are not capable to agree on anything; the Judicial authorities are not able to judge on the common legal principles; the Left and the Right are cursing each other.

Why we are in the state of such social disorder?

The prime cause of this social disorder is that a growing number of us, we the people created “in the image and likeness of God,” have begun believing that we the people are created in our own “human image.”

Why believing that we the humans are created in our own “human image” leads to the social disorder?

Believing in us the humans made “in the image and likeness of God” creates one unifying morality of One God, the same morality for all humans. That is a sort of “Human Morality Constitution” mandatory for all. Therefore, what is Good and what is Bad are defined based on the same guiding principles. Believing in “us the humans made in our own human image” creates many individual moralities without the unifying mandatory guidance that eventually brings the societal discord.

How to distinguish between the God’s morality and the human-made morality?

The God’s morality treats all humans as equals without preferential treatment of any selected group while the human-made morality splits all in many unequal groups fighting each other – males and females, whites and blacks, reach and poor, white-privileged and colored-oppressed, etc. The God’s morality measures the people’s success by individual hard work in achieving the individual spiritual and material best. The human-made morality measures the people’s success by comparing the individual material wellbeing to that of the richest. The people of God’s morality do not use slogans to characterize their opponents while the slogans, such as racism, white privilege, social justice or human rights for example, are the chief attributes of the human-made morality.

What is the reason for many to replace the historic and traditional belief in us the humans made in the image and likeness of One God to us the humans made in our own image?

A prevailing reason is dissatisfaction with the religious spiritual life of the church/synagogue “religious” institutions which many consider to be disconnected from the real people’s lives – in work, in social activities, in politics, in education, in science … – that brought many to the “non-religious” organizations advocating atheism or socialism/communism.

Why the church/synagogue religious institutions are failing to satisfy the modern spiritual needs of many?

The traditional religious teaching is based on the fear of God: you should obey to what the religious authorities are telling you God command you to do – you should not question, why: if you obey, your wellbeing is secured here and there.
However, modern US citizens cherish the freedom of choice – they prefer individual search for the truth over collective obeying – the truth of what is Good and Bad in all their life endeavors. They are searching for the truth by a sort of individual communications with what they believe is a Higher Supreme Authority above them, and they believe in the Higher Supreme Authority above them being God of the Law and Knowledge. If it is so, you must learn the Law and then follow the Law – when you do all that, your wellbeing is secured here and there.

Could the traditional religious institutions get back the people who left them?

Yes, and it is very much needed. It might happen when the religious institutions begin teaching how to individually search for the God’s morality in all individual life endeavors along the Torah/Bible guidance instead of teaching the obedience.

And finally, why I believe that everything in the above is true?

I believe so because I have were researching all that while living in two adversary political systems (the Soviet Union and the USA), visiting many world countries, quarreling with the leftists and the rightists, questioning the religious and the non-religious, and analyzing the comments to my numerous publications in the blog “Intellectual Judaism” (mostly in various social media outlets) and in the books “In intellectual search for Jewish identity” and “Spiritual unity of Jews and Christians.”

About the Author
Vladimir Minkov graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in the former Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Navy and there received his Ph.D. At the end of 1970s he immigrated to America where democracy and the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible for him to actively defend both his scientific and spiritual ideas. In the USA he has found the place for his scientific public work in the spiritual realm of One God and Torah.
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