Shlomo Alegra

How To Stop the Violence in Jerusalem and Mixed Cities

For about a month now there have been ongoing riots in Jerusalem through Ramadan because Arabs in East Jerusalem have said the police put barriers to Al Aqsa.

Now they have turned their attention to Shiekh Jarra Neighborhood also known as the Simon the righteous.

Jews had purchased the land in the late 1800s during the Ottoman period to be expelled in the war of independence.

According to Nadav Shragai of the Jerusalem Center:

“For years Jews have made pilgrimages to his grave to light candles and pray, as documented in many reports by pilgrims and travelers. While the property was owned by Arabs for many years, in 1876 the cave and the nearby field were purchased by Jews, involving a plot of 18 dunams (about 4.5 acres) that included 80 ancient olive trees. The property was purchased for 15,000 francs and was transferred to the owner through the Majlis al-Idara, the seat of the Turkish Pasha and the chief justice. According to the contract, the buyers (the committee of the Sephardic community and the Ashkenazi Assembly of Israel) divided the area between them equally, including the cave on the edge of the plot.”

Shiekh Jarra was known as the first neighborhood outside of the Old City of Jerusalem to have an Arab majority.

Two small Jewish communities existed within the neighborhood known as Simon the Righteous and Nahal Simon.

Both communities had 97 Jewish families according to the Ottoman census of 1905.

Victory and liberation of Jerusalem in 1967 let many Jewish people who had deeds to property in East Jerusalem during the Ottoman era were permitted to reclaim their properties.

Sephardic Community Committee and Knesset Yisrael Committee went to court to prove they were rightful owners of the property in 1972.

Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the property was belonging to Jews, but the current residents had tenant rights as long as they paid rent.

Jews petitioning the court recently brought documents showing the bill of purchase during the Ottoman period was deemed authentic.

Arabs living there also came with documents from the Ottoman period to court claiming the Jews living their were renters not owner.

Document brought to the court by the Arabs were deemed to be inauthentic by the court.

Even though Jews are the legal owners of the property and have won the property through Ottoman records fair and square.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been using this issue as a way incite violence against Jewish Israelis.

East Jerusalem Palestinians have grown bold in attacking Jews by one video going viral of a Arab slapping an Ultra-Orthodox Jew on Tik Tok.

Afterwards several riots have been erupting in East Jerusalem every day causing clashes with police and border guards.

Hamas made an ultimatum along with Islamic Jihad to release the rioters from prison and stop the eviction of the family in Sheikh Jarra.

The Israeli Government has refused to comply with Hamas’ demands so yesterday the terrorist group fired around 150 rockets toward Israel.

Riots in East Jerusalem and Israel proper of continued to break out with Arab citizens joining the rioting in cities like Lod and Ramle.

Israel needs to make a proper response to these rioters to punish them and prevent others from following in their footsteps.

An Israeli Arab citizen who riots and attacks police should be sentenced to thirty years in prison with his voting rights taken away indefinitely.

The same rule should apply to a Jewish citizen as well who riots and attacks police.

Just like in the United States who takes away voting rights to convicted felons.

Palestinian residents of Israel who rioted and attacked police officers should be stripped of his residency and deported to Gaza.

If living under Israel is so oppressive and harsh then the Israeli government will be doing them a favor of having them live in a Palestinian Country run by a Palestinian Arab Government.

In Hamas controlled Gaza the rioters will enjoy the privileges of living in a Palestinian State with Islamic law.

About the Author
Shlomo was born in Miami, Florida in 1989 and moved to Israel in 2012. He holds a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Political Science and served in the IDF as a combat soldier in the Netzach Yehuda Battalion. After serving in the military Shlomo studied in Yeshivat Shavie Hevron where he lived in Hebron. He now lives in Kiryat Arba, is a proud reservist in the Golani Brigade, and is a blogger for the Times of Israel.