How to take control of your money

Throughout my experience as a Family Financial Advisor I have encountered many families who work hard, earn well but seem to find it extremely difficult to make ends meet. In fact most of the population in Israel falls into this category.


This is mainly due to the fact that they do not budget, they do not know how much their income is and how much and on what they are spending their money on.  Once you get a grip on these two clauses this should put you on the road to financial stability.

People have frequently expressed their frustration how difficult it is for them to understand how to build a budget or when they have a budget what and how to process the information on hand.   Through a survey that I conducted together with the IDC in 2013 the findings were a staggering, 71.73% of the participants are in fact self-taught in self-budgeting. Let us see how affective being self-taught is and whether people are actually in control of their finances?  The Bureau of Statistics in Israel reports that 54% of the population are in overdraft which pushes Israel to be the leading country in the Western world with the highest proportion of the population in minus.  So we see that the majority of the population are not in control over their finances and being self-taught is not really efficient.  So I realised that a method is needed to be created on how to take control of their money and this how the lecture was born.

The webinar how to take control of your money will deal with the four stages of successfully budgeting, the method of organising your paperwork and how to build your preliminary budget.

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About the Author
Suzy Kahati was born in London, UK and made Aliyah in 1983. She is divorced with three wonderful daughters and lives in the center of Israel.
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