‘Howl’ for summer 2012

I saw the mediocre minds of my generation atrophied by

Twitter, starving hysterical naked,

Dragging themselves through the packed streets on Saturday nights

Looking for an easy fix,

Addle-headed hipsters burning for the nearest wi-fi

Connection to post their photos of the demonstration

That night

Who illusory poverty and self-indulgent and outraged hung

Out smoking in the unbearable summer heat as

IEC warned of possible rolling blackouts

Listen to David Broza

Who emptied their brains on Facebook in a café and

Saw hungry MKs strutting along to

Show their support for the struggle

Who passed through universities with eyes glued to the screen

Imagining buying an apartment  – light tragedy

Against the 16,000 dead in Syria

Who were expelled from Rothschild for tents &

Spray-painting pointless tags on the walls of the



(With apologies to Allen Ginsberg)

About the Author
Noga Martin has worked for The Jerusalem Post, Jpost.com, and Ynetnews and is now an editor at a publishing company. She lives in south Tel Aviv and has been blogging for the Times of Israel on a myriad of topics since July 2012.