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Human Being vs Human Lite: Neuroscience, Not Race

Avatars & Empty-Shell Syndrome

Overriding any other characteristic, the human population has always been distinguishable by two, opposite and contradicting, directions: the human being, characterized by his or her altruism (pursuant to a higher purpose, reflecting justice, law, kindness and compassion) vs human lite, distinguishable by its egocentrism (including hedonism).

Throughout the ages, various tribes and races have wrongly argued that superiority is determined by race (conveniently, always their own), genetics – eugenics.

Neuroscience offers a more enlightened approach – if its practitioners can hurdle a significant unjustified assumption: there is no evidence to justify the assumption (!) that the brain is all there is to a human being. Stated differently, there is no evidence ruling out something beyond the physical brain of a human being. Indeed, ALL of the evidence points to the opposite conclusion. Just as there is some Prime Cause beyond the physical universe responsible for the existence of all physicality (the preposterous notion that nothing self-detonated has no precedence in physics; nor any consequent bang that then inflates in contradiction to the laws of physics and thereafter accelerates (!) outward from the “bang”, also contradicting the laws of physics – see my Big Stretch-Apart), there is not one shred of science supporting any physical connection (necessarily including the brain) with the non-physical domain. Nevertheless, we know the non-physical domain exists (e.g., pure ideas). This necessarily implies that some mechanism exists to connect the human brain with non-physical domain of ideas, etc. Thus, we know a non-physical (i.e., spiritual) being exists beyond the physical body – in a human being!!!

However, neuroscience, recognizing nothing beyond the physical domain in the first place, can know no physical connection of the physical domain to the non-physical domain and cannot, therefore, make scientific conclusions about domains it, admittedly, knows nothing about.

With this limitation in mind, neuroscience is advanced enough to construct experiments that would, if it has not already done so, both identify the region(s) of the brain involved in altruism vs egocentrism and the degree of activity, respectively. This, not racism, I propose distinguishes between the (altruistic) human being and the (egocentric) human lite.

The Cause, Implying The Solutions, Of War

The clash between human beings and human lites then defines the cause, which implies the parameters and solutions, of the clash that has split mankind from the beginning, all of the clashes we now see, and is destined always to clash. And it rests entirely on personal choice, self-determination and will, not race or birth.

When the human being is then contemplated in contrast to the human lite, the true being is distinguished not by his or her physical body but, rather, by the being presence that operates that body – much as a virtual game player operates an avatar or one drives an automobile or rides a bicycle. The machine becomes an extension of of the non-physical being (the human “you”). I argue that the same is true of the physical body: it is merely the physical extension of the real – non-physical (spiritual) being. (When one considers that physicists confirm that the “physical” “reality” universe, even particles and mass, is a combination of forces and nothing else, this becomes an even more compelling argument.)

Thus, the physical body is relegated to an avatar that cannot determine the humanity of its non-physical host – and that includes the physical brain not being capable of determining the humanity of its non-physical host any more than other parts of the physical body – which, incidentally, regularly contribute to the automatic operations of muscle-memory, sub-conscious bodily functions, and “auto-pilot” operation we often rely upon unaware.

This realization, coupled with the neuroscience-proven plasticity of the brain; i.e., the brain’s capacity to learn and reprogram itself according to the will (command) of its host, means that, ultimately, you have determined who you are and you will determine who you will be. We all have hardships, temptations and setbacks. In all cases, you are responsible for you. The idea that you can blame it on race or a “hard-wired brain” predestination is pseudo-scientific hogwash to justify egocentrism – you personally deciding you will be a human being, or a human-lite.

No less contradictory is the notion that a man-god forgives all, making it ok for you to be a human lite while being relieved (“forgiven”) of your personal responsibility by a universal scapegoat idol for your decisions and actions.

Nor is it viable to shift responsibility for your personal decisions from yourself to a cleric; essentially selling yourself to clerics for their interpretive promises of a distorted and late (7th century C.E.) vision of paradise.

Human beings don’t avoid or evade the reality of relating to his or her Creator-Singularity in harmony, not contradiction, of His Laws governing His creation (the universe, i.e., science and logic). The scientific laws of the universe, being His creation, will always reflect its Creator-Singularity, ha-Sheim. Any human being who wishes to find his or her Creator – in Truth – need only understand (“interpret”) Torah in harmony with His creation: science and logic, as the Nᵊtzarim show in our only website:

By contrast, human lites are, by choice and self-will, mere avatars, empty shells that have chosen to appreciate nothing beyond egocentrism. That’s why they behave like animals. And that has nothing to do with race, genetics or eugenics; it’s entirely determined by choice, will and self-determination. Neuroscience has proven that the physical brain is plastic and obedient to its host; reprogramming and even physically rearranging itself as necessary to obey its non-physical host. Thus, the brain is a transceiver to the non-physical domain, with no evidence whatsoever to conclude scientifically that the physical brain originates sentience, sapience or directed will.

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