Kirill Solod
The Golda Meir Institute for Political and Social studies

Humanism. This is what Israel stands for

The Israeli government has agreed to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the return of at least 50 abducted women and children. This is only 1/4 of all hostages held by Hamas. In addition to the ceasefire, Israel agreed to release from its prisons juvenile terrorists and female terrorists who at different times carried out various terrorist attacks on Israeli territory.

According to the survey, society is divided on the issue of the terms of the ceasefire and the release of some of the hostages – approximately by 1/3 of respondents support, do not support, and refrained from assessing the government’s decision. Despite the different attitudes of society on this issue, government decided to make concessions.

Israel has one important component of a state policy – Humanism and the value of every life. I would even note that this feature is the basis of state ideology. And this despite the country’s location in the heart of the Middle East and Israel’s high level of militarization.

The USA and Europe build their domestic and foreign policies around democratic values, protection of the weak, equality and etc. This is explained, among other things, by the presence of Western countries (in one way or another) in almost every part of the world (they feel responsible). Israeli politics is based on principles of humanity. The reasons are persecution of Jews for centuries, pogroms, the Holocaust. These events are known in every Israeli home, they are remembered.

Even when the Israeli Government, the IDF and other security services declare the complete destruction of Hamas, all structures proceed from the principles of humanism. Therefore, the military ground operation in the Gaza Strip, which Israel was FORCED to begin, has already lasted 48 days. Israel has the potential to achieve the target of destroying Hamas in 24 hours, but this would entail the death of large numbers of civilians, which goes against Israel’s national principles.

Many call Israel an aggressor, committing genocide. Unfortunately, Israel is losing this information war that has unfolded in the world, but not because of any weakness, but because of the character of the Jews. We have never wanted to prove anything to anyone and are not going to prove that we are right today.

About the Author
Political advisor. Research analyst. Government Relations, International Affairs, Political Sociology. Head of The Golda Meir Institute for Political and Social studies and managing partner of the Institute of Political Consulting LS GROUP. Former consultant to M. Gorbachev on public relations. Former head of NGOs in Russia. MBA, Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, 2010). Repatriated to Israel in 2017.