Michael Laitman
Founder and president of Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

Hunger Games – the Real Story

“Pundits” and experts galore keep warning us that soon there will not be enough food to feed humanity, and not enough fresh water to drink. Remember peak oil, when a slew of “experts” warned us that soon we will run out of oil, that gas prices will skyrocket, and lines at the pumps will stretch for miles? Why is no one mentioning it now? It was never true. It was a useful story to tell the world in order to promote the interests of certain mega-powerful people and corporations, but once the “fact” became redundant, it went off the radar.

The same is true for food and water shortages: It is bogus, a manmade scarcity that is promoted to cater to the interests of those who run the world. Hunger on Earth is real, but the real story behind it is not one of scarcity, but one of cruelty and greed.

We trash nearly 50 percent of the food we make in order to keep food prices and profits as high as possible. Mull over this figure for a moment. If we trash half the food we make, and the majority of the world still has plenty to eat, it means that even today, at our current pace of food production, we can provide for a world population twice as big as today’s.

If we cut production by half but made sure everyone got their food, we could decrease pollution of air, water, and soil so drastically that it would exceed by far the highest hopes of climate change champions. Moreover, it wouldn’t require any efforts to achieve it. On the contrary, we would do less and achieve far more.

The same is true of hunger. We could easily provide everyone with enough food and plenty of fresh water. The problem is that in some places, food provision doesn’t pay as well, and where profits do not go through the roof, no one wants to come.

Moreover, hunger is good for politics: It allows bleeding-hearts and other do-gooders to visit afflicted areas with camera crews to document them “helping” the poor and dying. Hunger pays, except not for the hungry, but for the wealthy who create it and perpetuate it. Hunger creates more than PR. It is great for promoting agenda that empower the powerful and weaken the weak, and for controlling the politics of subordinate countries.

It hurts no one that the hungry and sick are agonizing and perishing. It hurts no one but the sick and the hungry, and they are powerless to change.

It is not that my words will change people’s behavior; the ill-will is rooted at the bottom of our hearts. But if such posts can open people’s eyes to see reality for what it is, there is hope that something will begin to change.

Right now, we cannot do more than know the truth. But for now, this is all we need in order to initiate the change. If enough people know how evil we have all become, and wholeheartedly repel our wickedness, they will start a snowball.

Awareness, we need to focus on awareness of our crooked, corrupt nature to the point that we detest it. Then, just as we stay away from anything that we abhor, we will run from our own selves. Instead of seeking to abuse all of creation, we will begin to ask why it was all created in the first place.

We needn’t occupy ourselves with what to eat, but with what to be! When questions about the purpose of life trouble us, we stop domineering and start listening. Instead of speaking, we begin to converse. This is when true growth begins.

Trying to force ourselves to change our behavior is hopeless. But raising ourselves above the level of material dominance will put order in our material world, as well, as we will busy ourselves learning about the meaning of life instead of trying to deny others life.

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