Hyphenated Candidates: A Reply

In a recent well-thought out analysis, Ron Kampeas has shared with us the pros and the cons of two Jewish candidates of the Democratic party in a run for the White House.

In his “Could 2020 See a Jewish President? The Paths for a Sanders or Bloomberg Victory”, Kampeas has omitted one factor which frightens many Jews and, equally, too many anti-Semites.

John F. Kennedy made American history by becoming the first Catholic to be elected President. It seems that Bernie Sanders, the socialist Jew and Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire Jew, are aiming to be the first Jew to sit in the oval office of the White House.

Neither of them knows what he would be in for. And Kampeas avoided telling them.

Something goes wrong with the health system. Don’t blame it on the head of government as he is. It is much easier to blame it on the Jew president.

The walls and gates near Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas and elsewhere are being breached daily by hungry Latinos seeking better food and living conditions in rich America. Don’t blame the increase of illegal immigration on border control. Absolutely not! It is the fault of the damn Jew boy who sits comfortably in his office making statements to the press and other media.

Donald Trump’s “Let’s make America great again” will have a new motto: “Keep America white and Jew-free”. I can see the graffiti on the walls of public buildings. I can hear the loud cries on American university campuses.

When it came to support for Israel the nay-sayers insisted that they were not anti-Semites, only anti-Israeli Zionists, people seeking solidarity and equality for the oppressed Palestinians.

Now, with a Jewish president in the White House anti-Semitism in America can only flourish and grow.

Is it time for Jews living in the United States to begin packing? To start learning basic Hebrew? To leaving Old Glory for the Shield of David?

Ron Kampeas has hyphenated Bernie Sanders, the socialist and Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire. He describes them as American-Jews. I would prefer to call them Jewish-Americans.

Are they first Jewish or American. Wherein is their loyalty greater… to Judaism or to Americanism?

Very sadly for both candidates love and loyalty to America ranks higher than love and loyalty to the faith of their ancient matriarchs and patriarchs. Their love for the Constitution of Thomas Jefferson takes preference over the Torah of Moshe ben Yocheved.

Of Bloomberg’s attachment to Judaism we know very little. Of his attitude towards the State of Israel we know more. It has been positive in his support.

Of Sander’s attachment to Judaism we know more. He is married to an Irish Catholic wife. He is non-observant of Jewish customs, culture or cuisine. His attitude towards the State of Israel is well-known.

Put simply: he is not our friend. His sympathies lie more with the Palestinians than with his fellow Jews.

If, from a window in the White House, he could see in the adjacent park the myriads of protesters with their signs held up “We Don’t Want Jew-Boys in Our White House” or could hear their boisterous shouts “Go to Israel Where You Belong With All Your Jew Friends”, Bernie Sanders would smile And say; “Isn’t America a great country? Look at the freedom we give to our citizens to defy our elected leaders”.

And the kitchen in the White House would have to adapt their menu to the taste of a Jewish president.

No gefilte fish. Only tilapia. No cholent. Only beef stew. No bagels. Only croissants. No hamantashen. Only cheesecake. No matza on Passover. Only French baguettes. No menorah. Only a pine tree.

Not even a single mezuzah on a doorpost of the many White House doors.

No, Ron Kampeas. My answer to your question “Could 2020 see a Jewish President”?

I, for one, certainly hope not. Not ever. And I dare to believe that a majority of Jews in America agree with me.

Hyphenated though they may be, they nevertheless hold tight to the branches of the Jewish tree of life.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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