I am angry!

This will not be a blog about pony rides and sea horses. There will be no spring breeze or the smell of fresh dew in the morning. There will be no puppies referenced and absolutely no fluffy bunnies will bounce their way through these pages. No fairy dust will be sprinkled over these words, and if you were hoping to sip a Pina Colada, while listening to some soft classic hits and watching the sunset – well, the café is closed!

You see, I am angry today. My face has turned a dark shade of scarlet while steam is bellowing from my ears – and it’s got nothing to do with the extra hot chili sauce I tried earlier.

Well, maybe a little.

But I am angry at the world right now and I am angry at the people in it.

I am angry that today I read about a new Palestinian song called “Car Intifada” that has become popular among Palestinians and the Middle East. A song that encourages Arabs to run over Jews with their cars.  A song that has lyrics such as:  “Run over the two-month-old baby.  This is how we get them.”  I am angry at its glorification of murder and I am even angrier that it is not denounced by the world who are crying with anguish to give a state to the people who wrote this song.  Is this the enlightened world who want to dictate peace to Israel?

I am angry that in America today, a Jewish boy has to fight to have his place of birth listed as Jerusalem, Israel, because the government does not want to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  I am even angrier that America, which has been independent for 238 years is dictating to the Jewish people about capitals when King David made Jerusalem the capital over 3000 years earlier, and since then it has not been the capital of any other people or country.

I am angry at these silly European countries who want to recognise the “state of Palestine” as some kind of impetus to achieve “peace”.  Are you kidding me?  Sweden said that by recognising “Palestine”, it hoped to “inject some new dynamics into the suspended peace talks”.  Well, when the Swedish government starts singing the hit Abba song “SOS” as Islamic terrorism hits their shores, don’t come running to Israel for help.

And as for Britain, the original colonisers of the world, and their “symbolic” vote to recognise “Palestine”, well, I’ve got some symbols for you too… And good luck to the British Labor Party, whose Jewish donors and supporters are deserting, now that they have decided to vote in favour of the “recognition” of “Palestine”, which, by the way, is a clear violation of the Oslo accords.
I am angry at the Hamas leadership in Gaza who sacrifice their small and innocent children for public relations.  I am angry that the world ignores this terrible war crime of theirs and blames Israel instead.  I am angry that, despite the overwhelming evidence of the Hamas war crimes, Israel is the one that somehow has to always defend itself against slanderous accusations.

And I am so so angry at this ridiculous talk of “moral equivalence” that comes up with this preposterous notion that both Israel and Hamas are the same.  Don’t talk to me about “moral equivalence” when Israel builds shelters, while Hamas builds silos.  Don’t talk to me about “moral equivalence” when Israel respects its people, while Hamas rejects theirs.  Don’t talk to me about “moral equivalence” when Israel saves the lives of the children of terrorists while Hamas destroys the lives of innocents and their children.  Just…don’t.

And I am angry at Jordan who cancelled the anniversary ceremony marking peace with Israel – because they are angry at Israel!?  I’m still angry at them for destroying the lives of Jewish residents of the old city between 1948 and 1967 and expelling them.  I’m still angry at them for destroying 58 synagogues.  I’m still angry at them for desecrating Jewish Holy Sites and turning them into horse stables.  If I was you, I’d stop being angry and just be grateful that some British bureaucrat decided to invent your country by slicing 75% off mine.  And if you think that I’m going to somehow give Jerusalem to your brethren, since the majority of Jordanians are Palestinians, you’ve got another thing coming.  Because no way will Jerusalem be subject again to your racist, religious hatred and intolerance.

I am angry at the “enlightened” western countries of the world who think they represent freedom and progress – but do everything in their power to crush it.  I am angry that they continue to ignore the evil of the Palestinian Authority.  They say nothing when the Palestinian Authority names village squares after mass murderers.  They say nothing when they honour those who kill children and babies and innocents.  They say nothing when their official television channels show sermons of Imams preaching murder against Jews.  They say nothing when children’s shows, featuring big fluffy Mickey Mouse like characters, speak of jihad and killing Jews.  Not only do they say nothing – it’s their money that pays for it!  That…makes me angry.

I am also angry that every time we build a house on land that will always be ours, no matter what happens, there’s an international outcry, yet when the Palestinians plant olive groves and build houses on land that will not be theirs – the world says nothing.

I am so damn angry that even just today my people are being attacked and murdered at train stops and bus stops and traffic lights – by cars and knifes and guns and violent mobs, but the headline on the Guardian UK website is about how ITV will show ads of people smoking e-cigarettes.  Well, I’m smoking too.  And while the Palestinians can have their stupid daily “day of rage”, today it’s my turn and believe me – I’m raging!

I am shaking with anger at how John Kerry and the American government have forced Israel to release murderers back into society – and for what?  What has that achieved?  How has that helped peace? Would America release people who have murdered their citizens back into society so that they can negotiate with the Islamic State?

I am angry that the only land dispute in the world they care about is Jews in their homeland, while ignoring the Kashmir region, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the Senkaku and Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea and Tibet.

I am particularly angry at a world who threaten us with sanctions and isolation.  Us?  Israel – the only democracy in a sea of absolute chaos, intolerance and inhumanity.  Not Saudi Arabia – where women can’t vote or drive.  Not Jordan – which strips Palestinians of citizenship.  Not Iran – which threatens Israel with destruction.  In fact, they’ll be easing sanctions there soon.  Not Libya – which has turned into a lawless cesspool of violence.  Not the Palestinian Authority – who execute people they deem collaborators and invent songs about killing babies. But only little Israel, where Arab woman vote, gay people have rights, Arabs serve in the parliament and the military – and everyone gets to live in dignity.

I’m just so angry at the way my people have been forsaken.  I am so angry at how they’ve been treated.  I’m so angry that we’ve reached out our hand in peace again and again and again – and in return all we’ve got is violence.  And yet, even that is somehow deemed our fault.

So tonight, I’m not just annoyed, or a little miffed, or a bit troubled, or somewhat bothered.

I am angry.

You may want to keep your distance.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.