I am finally scared

2016 is a year much like the ones before it. One major difference this time though is that the presidential election has become a laughingstock. It is a reality show, a game show, an awards show or basically just everything that it is not supposed to be. Over the years, U.S presidential elections have been consistent in that both major political parties nominated candidates who were the most qualified and approved of. What has happened over the past year (and six months of primary voting in particular) has been one surprise after another (my Republican brackets were busted long ago). With the last few primaries coming up in the next couple of weeks, the general election match-up is just about set and for the first time because of politics I am finally scared.

I have been plenty upset and disappointed before due to election results.  This time however I am scared about what the future of this country holds, no matter which of the remaining candidates ends up being president (if any?). While President Obama has made my personal situation tough, as well as for many other Americans, many traditional conservatives have still remained optimistic because of the opportunity to win the 2016 presidential election. This way some of his ‘accomplishments’ could be overturned and make this country better off (yes, I couldn’t keep my doctor Mr. President. I am still not happy about that). As a Republican, I was excited that 17 different people declared their candidacies for president, and thought that the most qualified and electable would make it to the top. I guess like everyone else I was expecting the best candidates to reach the top and thought there were multiple good candidates. With candidates dropping out and Donald Trump continuously winning, I started getting more worried. Over the last couple of months as Marco Rubio dropped out, followed by Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out I got scared. Trump being the Republican nominee? While I am not as terrified as others about Trump becoming president, I am upset about the other candidates who would have made great presidents (Marco Rubio for one, why couldn’t you peoples vote for him?!!!!). With a nominee such as Rubio, the Republicans would have had a shoe in for president.

My theories on how Trump made it to this point: Over the decades, politicians and presidents in particular have become more and more of a celebrity type. President Obama is the best example of a politician becoming a celebrity. I think this time the people have finally gotten to the point where they decided to try it the other way and make a celebrity a politician. Also with the damage Obama and many others have done, people think electing any sort of traditional politician will do no good to ascertain the greatness of the country. Whatever the reasons are we are at a point in time when the future looks bleak.

While Trump has miraculously triumphed on one side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are still around trying to become president. Without going into every exact reason why I think they would both make terrible presidents for this country, I think the prospect of seeing a President Hillary or Sanders scares me even more than a President Trump.

I find it funny when I hear people debating about which candidate would be best for Israel right now. While that is an important issue to me I think we need to figure out which candidate would be best for American right now. Honestly, many people will probably agree with me when I say none of them would be good for this country. Of all of the possible first legitimate Jewish contenders did it really have to be Bernie Sanders, who would be terrible for Israel as well? Of all the people to possibly be the first woman president did it have to be Hillary? Of all of the people to possibly be the first ‘really rich’ president did it have to be Trump?

So what now? I have plenty of reason to believe no third party candidate will have any chance of getting elected (no matter how much we want it). I have tried to research as much as can into the candidates and figure out who to support. I even attended a town hall with Trump (see picture below) to try to grow a liking towards him. I can now at least understand a lot of what he has said has been largely for a reaction, but he still has no idea how to be a president and lead a country. I still have a hard time imagining any of them becoming president, so at this point are best hope is Moshiach Tzidkenu.


Me with Trump (April 2016)
Me with Trump (April 2016)
About the Author
Zander Wold is a Jew from Los Angeles currently living in Haifa.