I am just like you

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My name is Nurit. Correct pronunciation emphasizes the second syllable. Nur comes from light. Nurit is the name of a flower. I am thirty-nine years old.

I’m Brazilian, from São Paulo, born in the middle of the skyscrapers. My parents are divorced since ever and I am the oldest of three sisters. Since I was raised only with women, I never learned to deal with male testosterone strokes. In PMS, I am an expert.

Leo, ascendant in scorpio. I speak softly and I am gentle, but peace ends there.

I got married at twenty-two with my second boyfriend. We moved to another state – a free will uphill battle – and then, moved to another country – a free will emotional avalanche. I have two children, a girl and a boy. She loves thriller movies, sleeping with cuddles and tight hugs. He’s a rock’roll fan and soccer lover who needs long goodnight kisses.

I have a degree in advertising, a post-graduation in marketing and have already worked at multinationals, as a full-time mom, as an entrepreneur and as a freelancer. In my heart, I am a writer. My mind never stops, I have about twenty incredible ideas a day (incredible at least in my opinion) and maybe that’s why I suffer from chronic anxiety. I have been a smoker for years and today, I don’t give up a glass of wine every night.

Smart people attract me. I love coffee. I prefer mountains to beaches.

Just as you, I like good movies, special dinners, bedside reading. I have countless plans, I’ve missed cake recipes, I love the smell of fresh bread. I have already burst out laughing, overcame great dramas and I’m a counseling enthusiast. From Brazil, I miss my mother’s lap, hugging without causing any surprise and ‘pão de queijo’. Electricity, internet and water bills also arrive at my place. Next year, if there is money left over, the main plan is to take a family trip. Traveling is one of the best things in life

Oh, and before I forget: me, my husband and my children are Jews.

You talk to me, laugh out loud with me, read my texts, maybe have already lived next to me. Will you be silent if someone decides to murder my family?


About the Author
Nurit Masijah Gil is a Brazilian-Israeli writer with nearly 100 chronicles published in Portuguese in both countries. In 2014, she launched her book titled "Little Ms. Perfect," in which she tells about her tragicomic wife-and-mom life. In 2017, she moved to Israel with her family. In 2019, she changed her busy suburban life as a content writer at a startup company, in Israel's central region, for a peaceful life at her own oasis at the Arava desert -- a 1,000-member ishuv -- where she has crowned her aliyah.
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