I am really feeling Jewish

My journey to conversion: An Update

I’m really starting to feel more and more Jewish.  That is a good thing since I am on the road to conversion.  I feel bad when I have to miss Friday night Shabbat services at Temple Beth El.  I have gotten involved with a committee at temple, as I wrote about in my post last week.  I am trying to teach myself some basic Hebrew.

I feel a connection with Israel, although I do feel that the Prime Minister should feel out the Iran situation more before he stokes the flames in the region… Iran could be on a more friendly path, but I digress.  I can’t wait to go to Israel in February and see all that I can.

I don’t eat pork at all anymore.  I had canadian bacon on a breakfast sandwich a couple weeks back and I felt so bad that I didn’t realize it was in the sandwich at first.  I removed the rest of it and finished the sandwich “sans-bacon” and it was still delicious.  This Hobby Lobby “we don’t cater to you people” thing is offending me.  I have hopes that when I am “officially” Jewish to make Aliyah someday at or before the time I retire.  I am being more vocal about my conversion journey with my friends.

I feel Jewish more and more every day.

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Ryan Fagan is originally from Southwest Florida, and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is employed in the financial sector and is active at Shir Tikvah, his Reform shul. He recently converted to Judaism after being raised in a Catholic household. He also goes by his Hebrew name, Aviv.
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