Robert Hamer
Musician, actor and poet

I apologise

Robert Hamer here, the non-Jewish man in London who wrote the blog, “Do all People Love Dead Jews”.

I owe you all an apology for saying in my blog that, “A relatively small but highly dangerous minority of the eight billion people on the planet do “Love Dead Jews””. This was clearly incorrect, and so I would like to thank Rachel for pointing this out to me by responding, “I think many more than a small percentage hate Jews. A very large percentage of Muslims, particularly in Arab countries, but worldwide as well, are anti-Semitic, and that accounts for many billions of people”.

However, whilst not justifying my mistake, I do stand by my motive for putting pen to paper.
Many of my Jewish friends are currently feeling varying degrees of fear and isolation and feel that the world is against them. It is easy (especially in these days of social media) to feel that the voices of hatred are the loudest and most commonly listened to and supported. Maybe they are! And that is impossible to change.

Mine is only one small voice in the chaos and cacophony, but I say to you (and my other Jewish friends), there are millions of people round the world who care DEEPLY for the Jewish people. They care deeply now, and will continue to do so.

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I am a native Brit and by profession am a musician, actor and poet. My upbringing was within the protestant side of Christianity, though I now regard myself as a spiritual seeker. I have no affiliations.
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