I can tell you where it isn’t quiet

Tell me where it’s quiet.

Tell me where buses don’t blow up in the middle of the afternoon, and injuring innocent people.

Tell me where 18 year-olds go to college and spend their time in the library and going to parties and doing laundry at 4 am instead of fighting a war they were born into.

Where children go to summer camp in the summer and school in the fall and don’t stay in bomb shelters day after day learning how to run as fast as they can when they hear a siren?

Tell me where Memorial Day is for those who died a long time ago in place far away and not for those who have just been buried and were here with us yesterday.

Tell me where we can be friends and foes and agree to disagree but still talk, live and be together without violence.

Tell me I can be safe, and not afraid and happy and excited- and not scared, and hesitant and cautious and jump from every noise.

Where is this place that peace is the reality- and not guns, and military operations and international condemnations?

Where is there a country that dedicates its resources to curing hunger and thirst, developing medical advancements and works every day to cure, rescue and help while taking the first steps towards the future for all of humanity – and is recognized for doing this?

Where is the bully called a bully and the victim called a victim without pity and distortion involved?

Tell me where a TV is used for watching comedy shows, and not only the news, where a radio is for listening to music and not screaming voices in the background of the reporter, and a cell phone is for texting your crush and not for texting your family that you’re OK and haven’t been hurt.

Where is there a place that explosions are fireworks- erupting in the clear sky, while smiles and excitement spread through the crowd- and not fear and anger for being attacked and targeted as civilians that don’t have a right to safety?

Tell me about a place that op-eds are for advice columns and gossip and not about living under threat and leaving everything behind.

Tell me where the world media is objective and not bias, truthful and does not avoid the facts, trustworthy and not mocked.

I’ll tell you where it’s not – Israel right now.


About the Author
Lee El Lewinsohn is a Regional Executive for StandWithUs, an Israeli Education Organization. She recently returned from being an emissary in the organization's chapter in San Diego and is currently pursuing her Bachelor Degree in International Relations and Sociology/Anthropology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.