I cannot accept Bernie Sanders’ position on Israel


While I may have a problem with Hilary Clinton’s stance on a number of key issues in this election, I cannot and will not accept Bernie Sander’s stance on Israel using excessive force in Gaza during the attacks in 2014. His comments,  outlined in a recent debate, are based upon the number of injuries that were suffered by the Palestinians during these attacks in comparison to the injuries suffered by the Israelies which is not the correct benchmark to be using. You cannot punish or blame one country just because they suffered less casualties by having access to more effective defense systems.  A link to a some of the comments is .here.  

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that during the attack in Gaza, Hamas consciously placed its citizens in hospital facilities, educational institutions and in relgious facilities but at the same time placed missles and other weapons of destruction in such locations despite having been given advanced notice by the Israelies to the Palestinians that they should evacutate these areas before an attack was imminent.

Organisers of Hamas told the civilians to stay where they were knowing that if the Israelies chose to attack some of these facilities in order to defend themselves they would use the footage of injuried or killed civilians in order to gain support and sympathy from people around the world.

You have to ask yourself this. If the United States was at war and the country that was fighting them made a conscious decision that they were going to locate their missiles and other weapons in civilian locations and the US government had to make the decision whether or not to attack these locations in order to avoid casualities taking place on US soil, what would you as a parent with children want the government to do? What would you do as a parent when your government decided not to attack these locations despite having knowledge that their were weapons in such locations and that the failure to act resulted in the death of your own children or friends or family? Would you feel like the government didn’t take appropriate action and take care of you? Ask yourself that question!

About the Author
Craig Emanuel is a partner in the US based law firm of Loeb & Loeb where he is head of entertainment department on a global basis. His clients include writers, directors, actors and producers working in film and television.