I Cry For My Israel

Under the 1949 Geneva Convention, terrorists and pirates are placed in the same category as international criminals and not as legally protected combatants, as they are non-uniformed irregular, non state, and non uniformed and therefore are not entitled to the rights of prisoners of war. They may be summarily executed without benefit of due process by anyone of any military branch of a sovereign state engaged in warfare against terrorist/pirate forces.

Therefore, the IDF soldier who, for whatever reason, shot and killed a terrorist who had attacked members of his unit or any civilians under his authority as a uniformed soldier sworn to defend his nation, not only had the right, but the obligation to kill the terrorist. By his action he may have prevented a greater attack on both Israeli forces and/or civilians.

A soldier, on the field of battle, who eliminates an enemy combatant who has committed an assault on his fellow soldiers, cannot be tried for murder. Yes, the action of the soldier may be questioned, as any military engagement might be evaluated, but no charges may be leveled against him. Nor has he violated the IDF principle of “Tohar la’Neshek.” “The purity of arms,’ as he was acting in defense of his comrades. Those who would pillory him for doing his duty, not only in the defense of Israel but also, and more timely, for the protection of his fellow soldiers and civilians in the area, are the ones who should hang their heads ( some would say literally) in shame. I can only imagine what would be said if that brave young man hadn’t acted as he did and many IDF soldiers would be strewn as corpses in the possible event of a further terrorist outrage by a wounded savage. Terrorist atrocities have occurred even after a presumed halt to any further criminal activities have taken place in the past.The soldier should be honored by the IDF, thanked by the entire Israeli nation, and be proud of his actions. A dead terrorist is a far better outcome than having dead Israelis.

What has happened to Israeli pride? To Hebrew honor? Have our leaders become sd accustomed to debase themselves before a world that no matter what great accomplishments we achieve as a nation, still have the temerity of castigate, condemn and curse us for defending our national existence? What further proof do they need then the outrageous libel recently passed that Israel is the world’s greatest denier of the rights of women? I suppose that Islamic slavery of black African women,Arab terrorist beheadings of innocent Christians, Yazidi pre-pubescent girls being sold to gang rapists and female genital mutilation being practiced throughout the Islamic world, even in some of the nations of Western Europe, is no threat to the rights of women?

Have we sunk so low as to permit the inquisition of one of our sons who daily risks his life to keep us safe? Why has the kangaroo court composed of his accusers lent credence to the libelous charge now being universally exploited that we summarily execute “freedom fighters” and “prisoners?” Terrorists have no rights except the right to be killed-PERIOD.

It matters not if the terrorist is fourteen or forty-once you attempt to kill a soldier or a civilian with a knife, a pair of scissors or an assault rifle, you have placed yourself in the line of fire and you must be killed. If you throw stones or toss fire bombs or let loose with a slingshot, you are a terrorist and you must be killed. Self defense is not limited to the article of the assault . A rock being thrown through the air could just as easily be a grenade and one has micro-seconds to make a judgement call. An automobile can be used as weapon, does that mean one cannot shoot the driver?

Warfare has changed and so must its rules of engagement. Fighting an army on a battlefield is different than confronting a non-uniformed civilian terrorist in the street. The IDF must alter its tactics to combat this threat and the soldier in question has demonstrated that requirement. And the Geneva Convention justifies his act and so must the IDF and the people of Israel.

Israel has always stated that we will defend ourselves against our enemies-well, we must also defend ourselves against those inside our country that would attack us from within. No, not with bombs and bullets, but with ballots. A government that will not defend the right of a soldier to do his duty, cannot protect its citizens from danger from outside its borders or inside its cities.

The courtroom carnival being played out against this Hebrew warrior makes me wonder if King Saul would have put David in chains for slaying Goliath as he laid prostrate or if Ya’el would have been accused of manslaughter for driving a spike through Sisera’s head as he lay sleeping. Maybe our present government should be more mindful of our history and less caring about modern hysterics.

We need to be proud of our tiny Jewish country. We need to stand by those who risk life and limb every hour of every day to keep us safe. We need to hold accountable those in high positions who would sacrifice our noble soldiers on the altar of international opprobrium. We need to remember who we are and from whence we came. We need to hold fast to the ideals that gave our pioneers the spirit to recreate the fighting Jew after centuries of the image of the cowering Jew.

We need to tell the Jew hating world that we spit in their eye and vow that those who lift their arms against us will have those limbs cut off without mercy.

Until my beloved nation restores and renews her ancient and noble heritage, I shall weep for her. I cry for my Israel.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.