I Dare You: A Tisha B’av Challenge

The time has come, it’s been too long. Years and years have run away from us, wars have killed millions and we have torn ourselves apart.

The Jewish story is ever predictable and never changes.

We fight with each other. We hate each other. We judge each other. We are jealous of each other. We spite each other.

We put our egos before our hearts and our intellects before our soul.

And then someone threatens a Jew across the ocean and we make peace. We start to love, to be forgiving and to show compassion.

But as soon as the threat is less imminent, we return to the Jewish story as it has always been.

But we don’t have to. We can make a change.

YOU can make a change in THIS instant

You can let go of the only thing getting in your way; your ego, your pride.

That’s all it is.

That’s the green curtain that separates you from every other soul on this planet.

That’s the green curtain that provokes your jealousy, your contempt, your superiority, your insecurity and your fear.

It’s just ego and it’s an illusion.

But you don’t have to be deluded by it.

Open your eyes before it’s too late.

Throw aside the green curtain and drop your ego.

Pay attention when you start to sneer, to hate, to judge, to be jealous, to condemn.

Let it go and see what else you can see. Then look deeper because there is always more to see.

Let go of your ego and you will see the truth.

You will see the the story behind people, the beauty, the pain they have been through, the joys they have celebrated, the laughter that has ceased, the difficulties they are covering up. You will see that and much more. You will see, how they too, are just a soul. An innocent soul, caught up behind their own green curtain.

Instantly, the world will become filled with light. People will become filled with light.

There will be room for joy, love, kindness, brotherhood and compassion.

There will be room to see the oneness that lies within yourself and every single human.


That’s all you need to do.

Quiet your constant chatter about other people.

Quiet your judgments and see what else comes to mind.

When you’re not busy judging, condemning, criticizing, hating and spiting, see the kindness that comes, the compassion that comes, the love that comes, the softness that comes, the understanding that comes and the clarity that comes.

Throw aside the green curtain.

I dare you.

Take a deeper look inside yourself.

Then open your eyes to see the same within everybody else.

I dare you.

My heart begs you.

My soul pleads with you.

It has happened before and it can happen again.

But not if we change, not if we do something different, not if we let go of our egos.

Just set it aside.

See the love and light that emanates.

See the soul that pervades each body.

See the depth of life that exists within each person.

And you will love them.

True love is purely spiritual because there is no ego; just clarity, vision and understanding.

So try it.

Love someone.

Truly see them.

I dare you.

Click HERE for inspiring video of Jewish People’s resilience!

About the Author
Raizel Druxman is a writer and a recent addition to this amazing country we call home. She landed here in January 2013 after a 5-month excursion in Southeast Asia and the Far East and is always seeking new ways to connect to people and encourage Jews of all stripes to love each other. Raised among the mountains, lakes and trees of Seattle, she is now trying to find peace in the alleys of Nachlaot.