I declare the Day of Awakening for Jews and Arabs

I declare The Day of Awakening for Jews and Arabs

In every terror attack, we get to experience the Bad Arabs; but when will we get to experience the Good Arabs? Where are they? Why aren’t they saying anything? We all know Good Arabs and are always quick to defend them against the fanaticism that wants to get rid of all Arabs. We Jews stand up for the Good Arabs, but the Good Arabs themselves are quiet and invisible. I personally don’t believe that they are so feeble and timid; they just can’t seem to organize themselves to speak as one voice. If they would, the world would take notice!

I think the Good Arabs need to make some noise and show their numbers and am therefore and herewith arbitrarily, with the authority of love, declaring December 10th as The Day of Awakening. All of Jerusalem’s Good Arabs who appreciate the Jews and do not support terror are to gather at Sacher Park to stand together as one, for Israel and against terror. Let the world see how many you are! Let the world press record that there are many more Good Arabs who want to live in peace with the Jews of Israel than there are Bad Arabs who want to destroy both Jewish Nation and Jewish Folk.

Let the world see how the worst enemy of the Good Arab is the Bad Arab. If any Bad Arabs try to ruin the day, let the world press show it openly. The world will plainly see that the best friend of the Good Arab is the Jew. That would be a big deal for the world to see!

We Jews in Jerusalem love the Good Arabs and refuse to continue the perverted tradition of considering that an Arab is an Arab. This is not true! There are Good Arabs and Bad Arabs and it’s time to let the city, country and world see that we love the Good Arabs and want them to be part of us, to share in all the prosperity and security that we have to offer. The Bad Arabs are welcome to go back to Jordan or Syria or Gaza (we’ll give them the freedom of choice and transportation fare, and a bottle of water). They can continue to be as Bad Arabs as they wish, just from a distance.

We want to embrace our Good Arab brothers and sisters for all the world to see; but we cannot tell the difference because they are so quiet and so invisible. So, between now and the December 10th, gather your courage so that on the Day of Awakening, you will show up to embrace your Jewish brethren for all the world to see!

Let’s stand the world on its head and show the world how we appreciate and love each other.
Nothing will defeat terror except love.

Let’s do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

From my heart to yours


About the Author
Describing their life as an adventure with God, Yeriel and his wife Gabrielah, met God while living far out in the wilderness of Alaska, then followed His leading to eventually go to Romania where they spent six years doing social work and helping the elderly Jews of the Falticeni/Suceava area before making aliyah. When they made aliyah they gave up their other citizenships, claiming Israel as their only home.